Who Has Been Doing This To You

I am reading the biography of Walt Disney, written by Bob Thomas, at present. I have learnt a lot of lessons about the life of this great visionary man, through this book. I got to a portion of the book last night, and it made me to stop and start thinking.Walt Disney suffered a lot of losses in most of the films he released then but the more losses he suffered, the bigger his dreams become.

Those around him could not just understand that about him. He is a man that loves taking BIG risks.At a point in his career, he released Alice in Wonderland and lost several millions of dollars. Instead of that weighing our man down, it was at that moment that Walt began to dream of an Amusement park that the whole world will be trooping to. This project was to cost millions of dollars, which his company couldn't afford because of their indebtedness.His brother with whom he started the business couldn't just understand why it has to be at that point in time.

Why should it be after suffering the monumental loss that Alice in Wonderland brought? Quoting the portion that has Walt's response:."Walt responded by citing an incident of their childhood. It had happened in April 1906, when the family was visiting a relative of their mother. Walt had found a pocketknife in the street. 'Give it to me; you will cut yourself,' said his older brother, appropriating the knife.

Forty-five years later, Walt taunted Roy, 'Yeah, it's just like the time you took that knife away from me in Fort Madison. You've been taking things away from me all my life!".This statement is worth brooding over. Walt has been giving in to his brother's demand all his life, what if he has acceded to the brother's request of not embarking on the Disneyland project, would we have ever remembered Walt Disney for anything at all? There are so many film makers that have come and gone, are we not able to remember him for that colossal amusement park? Would we have ever discovered the power of a man to bring to reality his imagination?.

As I was thinking on this, it came to my mind that just like Roy Disney has been doing then, so many people would have been destroying several dreams. They will think they were showing concerns and not knowing they were destroying destinies. So many people have abandoned their dreams just because somebody said it cannot be done. The people showing concerns could be our parents, elders, teachers or even our leaders where ever we are.So many people who have achieved a lot in the history of man, have at one point being told what they are doing could not be achieved by anyone.

People like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and several others have been told not to waste their time on their dreams. What if all these people had believed their critics, what do you think the world would have been like today?.Have you ever being told something is impossible for you to accomplish? Do you have people in your life who tell you on a regular basis not to waste time following your dreams? Anytime you are being told of how it is impossible to do anything, just remember Walt Disney's story and let them know that if it is possible for Walt Disney to achieve his dream, even when he doesn't have the means, it is also possible for you to do same.

People should not continue to steal your dreams from you. They cannot see what you are seeing. Don't let people stop you, you should STOP them!.This is to your Success,.Adebola Oni.

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By: Adebola Oni


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