Whence Comes Our Penchant For Violence and Dominance

Whence comes this seemingly human penchant for brutality, violence, dominance, to maim and to hurt others?.Well! We're all born little infantile sociopaths! But that's normal for the stages of infancy and early childhood, until we go through the process of socialization by other humans who've been through the process of socialization!.When we're infants anything that touches our hands we immediately grasp! At 1-2 years old any toy that caught our eye, some kid had that we wanted, we immediately tried to take it from them! If our efforts were resisted we may have hit the kid or even bopped him over the head with the very toy we were trying to take from him!.We had to be taught to respect others as well as their property! It took a long process of learning and development to get to that point and some of us still haven't gotten there!.As infants we're more animal than human until we start to learn and speak a language and go through the process of socialization! Up until that point we're on the same social level as a chimp! Speaking provides us with a way of expressing, articulating and objectifying our feelings and a way of controlling them! It provides us with a method of objectively reasoning about and comprehending concepts, like law and individual rights, which before we had no conceptual way of understanding!.So when you read or hear about some sociopathic adult committing horrendous acts, remember the roots of it started in their infantile emotional states!.

Imagine someone motivated by infantile emotional states that's a dictator or leader of a group with access to weapons of individual and mass destruction! Humanity has suffered at the hands of individuals of this type throughout its history! Adults or groups who display infantile emotional states are always a potential danger to us all! Because with them, as with animals, might is right! Be damn the law!.Those of us who've been the victims of brutality can exhibit sociopathic tendencies also! We can become so fixated on our own suffering and feelings of "justifiable anger" that we feel minimal or no sympathy for the suffering of others! And may even take out our anger on those who have nothing to do with our "suffering"(Going postal). This narrowing of attention is to be expected under the circumstances. It's characteristic behavior for adults experiencing infantile emotional states!.Infantile emotional states are impulsive, unstable, changeable, hostile (especially when frustrated) and demand instant gratification! As long as there are adults who are dominated by their infantile emotional states, is as long as there will be adults and societies of adults carrying out acts of brutality against each other!.So where does our seemingly human need to brutalize to hurt and maim each other appear to originate?.

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By: Vc Veasey


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