Whats Important to YOU

There's a new women staring back in the mirror, she's got a glow, new hair cut and color, a fresh attitude and a new found freedom. You've got the art of flirting down to a "t" and you've practiced a very seductive smile that is genuine and natural?. Bravo!!! And keep up the work that you've done as it will only empower and enable you to be "the best you can be" and now you are about to get back into the dating scene.

Consider the following before going online and putting an ad or putting a profile on your local "singles" line.Chemistry is crucial, it's hormones raging, lustful thoughts that are unconsciously there within the first 7 minutes of meeting a new person.If you are seeking a long term relationship, you seek romance, and roses, you won't respond to an ad that says, "looking for a casual friend" You will be a lot happier in the long run and save yourself the heartache of trying to understand why the guy said so many wonderful things (that one night) and then just disappeared.Chemistry for the most part can lead us into relationships that at best should just be seen as "moments", "interludes" and "escapades". And yet too many fall into intensely passionate, but short-lived relationships that have broken their hearts and been highly disappointing.Don't get me wrong.

Attraction is a critical element for any budding romance, but try this food for thought, instead of relying on sexual attraction alone, think about all the qualities that will make for a loving partnership.If you meet a great guy who appears to have many of the qualities you desire, but falls short on chemistry, get to know him better so you can appreciate who he really is and discover the kind of attraction that builds with time.For a lasting loving partnership, start assessing prospects based on a wider range of characteristics that have more meaning for the something long term.

Things to consider:.? shared interests
? social compatibility and friendship
? intellectual compatibility
? ability to communicate
? shared values, attitude and beliefs
? level of maturity
? personal and family goals.Love, respect and admire yourself first.then and only then can love grow in your heart for another.Love is the burning embers of the fire deep in the hearth!.Terri Giosia Singles Coach, Writer, Motivational Speaker.

.Terri Giosia, motivational speaker, lifestyles-singles coach and writer, whose vision, passion and spirit will captivate and motivate you to be the "best" you can be! An ongoing student of human behavior; previous to finding my niche I was paving the path to this career, which includes over 20 years in training, business development, consulting, and management. Enhance and enrich your life today! Visit: http://www.teralunaenterprises.com.

By: Terri Giosia


Whats Important to YOU - There?s a new women staring back in the mirror, she?s got a glow, new hair cut and color, a fresh attitude and a new found freedom.

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