What The Young Master Shows Us

FC Barcelona won the Spanish soccer league yesterday (3rd of May 2006) for the second consecutive time. Ronaldinho ? playing for Barcelona ? is considered to be on of the best players at the moment and replaced David Beckham as best paid soccer player.Beckham plays in the adversary team Real Madrid (RM), that is struggling for the second place in the league which is ? with two more matches to go ? not at all an easy job. Real Madrid confronts a depression for more than a year of which it is not possible to liberate itself. One of the problems is that the team ? portraits as "the Galactics" ? has contracted too many individual heroes.

There are besides Beckham three more very talented players. The mistake of this club RM to contract too many individual talent for the same team didn't work out. As often, common sense is not always that common.Ronaldinho on the other hand is not at all dominating FC Barcelona. The team is very well balanced. But there is a special effect that accounts on his behalf.

This is not his technical talent for which he is obviously hired and admired. It is something about his nature.Ronaldinho is always friendly and smiling. A part of this is given by nature; some people have a face that radiates.

But I think ? without knowing his biography which is probably not due yet for his age - that he has also learned to be positive if you want to achieve something in life.There is this saying; "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.".

You won't catch the RM players smiling at the moment. But let's hope they will soon.Talent is not everything, but a smile will help you. 2006 Hans Bool.

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By: Hans Bool


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