War Against the United States and Iran a Complete Tragedy in the Present Period

War against the United States of American and the Iranian nation state, which sponsors International Terrorism will certainly be a tragedy. Unfortunately it is inevitable, as the Iranian radical and fanatical regime simply will not give up its nuclear weapons manufacturing plans. But will it be a long drawn out war? Well most likely not.I believe we should have a Net-Centric Warfare game, only kind of for real. Attack strategic Iranian Assets with a time limit of 7-10 minutes. And then secondary targets which must all be completed on the first go within 7 hours and then within 70 hours completely stop and assess and you know, well kind of see how we did and all that.

You know like a war game of sorts? I think it could perhaps sharpen our skills and be real good for the men too. Kind of you know, show them they have what it takes and stuff.In other words it would appear real to anyone on the ground or getting hit with the precision ordinance, but only for a brief second or two. For those watching a few buildings away, well indeed they might never forget it either. But for those on the United States side with all the sophisticated technology, robotics and computers, it would just feel like another day at Top Gun or Red Flag or one of the many military service simulators? Consider all this in 2006, we have.


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By: Lance Winslow


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