US and Canada Agreement Resolving Softwood Lumber Trade Dispute

United States of America along with Prime Minister Harper of Canada have finally agreed-upon a favorable resolution to the softwood lumber trade dispute between the two countries. It is essential that the United States and Canada have a level playing field and fair trade.Free trade is very important between our two nations, but fair trade is also paramount to strong diplomatic relations. It is good to see that the Bush administration and Prime Minister Harper's administration are doing the right thing and solving this issue once and for all. At stake was the true viability of the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA.

It is good to know that such trade disputes can be results peacefully without retaliation in other industry sectors on trade. Being trade wars against your neighbor no one wins, because the animosity can live for years and entire industries can be crushed mean less jobs on one-side of the border or the other causing economic downturns in various industry sectors, which in turn hurt very cross trade money flows we are trying to promote.United States Ambassador Susan Schwab should be congratulated for her work in the helping of drafting of the framework, which effectively will end this trade dispute.

This is very good for the American timber industry, the paper industry, the environment, the housing industry and U.S. Canada trade relations.It is amazing will we can do what we work together with our northern neighbors. Consider this in 2006, as there are many more issues to deal with the future with many other nations.

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By: Lance Winslow


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