Tips For Catching a Cheating Spouse

Love may be blind but lovers should not always be blind to the misdemeanors of their loved ones especially when it already involves cheating. The spouse who has cheated on his partner may consider it just a harmless fling or a fleeting affair but no matter the degree of relationship he has had with another, it is still called cheating.Cheating is the worst form of misconduct a spouse can commit against his partner as it is already consider a betrayal of the vows they took when they got married. The discovery of the act of cheating by the other spouse can either break the marriage or make it stronger depending on the strength of their love for one another.No matter how two people love each other, their humanity and imperfection could not keep them from committing mistakes and hurting the other. Most people who cheat say they did not intend to cheat and to hurt the other spouse.

The usual alibi is, it was not planned, it just happened.While most people would want their relationships to be open, no one really wants to be told that he is being cheated upon. A spouse expects honesty from the other, but can he afford to accept the truth especially when it involves the deception of the other?.

A person who suspects a cheating spouse would at first be in a state of denial. Of course, this is a normal reaction because no person wants to believe that the other spouse can cheat on him or her. The self denial goes on until such time when the little clues and the white lies become distinct and glaring that the spouse being cheated upon can no longer bear to keep the discovery to himself.

Tips on catching a cheating spouse.If you already suspect your spouse of cheating on you and you want to catch him, the best course of action is to keep quiet and not give the cheating spouse any hint of your suspicion. It will hurt to act like a stupid spouse but this attitude will allow your partner to be more careless about his deception .Never make an accusation unless you have solid evidence of your spouse's deception.You must act dumb but keep your eyes open for any mistake your spouse may commit along the way. If you used to be so trusting that you never keep tab of your spouse's activities, now you should be more vigilant and observant.

Little things like your spouse's hush conversations on the phone or wrong numbers should be looked into.Be wary of the times when your spouse has to go on trips without you. Always check his pockets for any clue like receipts, notes written on tissue paper or hotel matches.

You should make unscheduled trips to your spouse's office with the alibi that you want to join him for lunch.This may sound preposterous but if you have the password to your spouse's email, then check his mails in a public computer or internet shop. If the spouse is a cell phone user, then check on the sent, inbox and draft boxes of his phone. You never know what you are going to find.

Or when you call your spouse, do not shut off the phone after your conversation. Sometimes, cell phones are not immediately shut off by the user and you can still listen to what is being said on the other line.Also check for any change in the attitude of your spouse towards you.

A spouse who suddenly becomes caring and who suddenly remembers birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions can be a philandering spouse. This attitude results from any guilty your spouse may have towards you because of his cheating.If your spouse starts to be more irritable and who makes it a point to fight you on any issue may just be looking for a good opportunity to get away from the house without being suspected.

It can also be your spouse's way of countering guilty feelings. A spouse who is cheating will most probably neglect some marital duties to the innocent spouse and the children.Getting a confirmation that your spouse is indeed having an affair can be hurtful and can lead to insecurity and depression. However, it is better to confront your suspicions before everything becomes too late and you can no longer save your marriage and your self esteem.

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By: Tim Lee


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