The st Century Reality Only Living Things Can Give Life

There is no more important day for Christians than Easter Sunday, the annual celebration of Jesus Christ being resurrected from the dead.The most dramatic part of this event is told in the Bible (Luke 24:5-6.) Jesus' followers returned to the tomb to prepare his body for burial Sunday morning-- not to find it there.Upon arrival, an angel was present, who asked them, "Why do you seek the living among the dead?" The angel continued to explain that Christ rose from the dead on the third day, just as he said he would.In addition to religion, science also provides understanding into the nature of creating life.The Law of Biogenesis states that living things cannot be formed from non-living things.

Only living things can give life.So, why do so many people seek successful 21st Century living, driven by dead 20th Century ideas such as secure lifelong employment in a corporate cubicle farm, the Industrial Revolution, retirement at age 65 with a fully-funded pension?.You can't be successful trying to create life from dead ideas and concepts. Only morticians and archeologists make a living from dead things, although never from bringing them back to life.

Enjoying successful living in the 21st Century has totally different requirements and opportunities than the 20th Century.You have to discard your 20th Century mindset, "old think," replacing it with creative 21st Century "new think.".Remember the 2001 movie,"Kate And Leopold?".Kate was a 21st Century New York City advertising executive, and Leopold was a 19th Century Duke who magically crossed time lines, arriving in 21st Century New York City.

Obviously, 19th Century Leopold was "out of it," as a visitor from two centuries ago.While this movie is funny and entertaining, we can become Leopolds, too, by simply standing still and looking backward as time can pass us by. We can wind up trying unsuccessfully to live in a world which no longer exists.

Philosophers, pundits, futurists, professors, inventors, entrepreneurs, and journalists are helping to paint a picture of 21st Century possibilities.All Americans should contribute to this creative process, especially business owners. The art of 21st Century living is to be yourself and do your own thing.

Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Airlines, says, "to me, business isn't wearing suits or pleasing stockholders; it's about being trying to yourself, your ideas and focusing on essentials." Right on, Richard!.The 21st Century is for those who, to use author Tom Peters' words, enjoy "thriving on chaos." What chaos, you ask? Globalism and the return to massive self-employment.Globalism has made the world "flat," author Thomas Friedman claims.Globalism is powered by free trade and inexpensive Internet and telephony.

By 2050, "BusinessWeek Magazine" says, the USA, China and India will Be the three Superpowers.Back to Kate & Leopold. Eventually, Leopold took Kate back to his royal 19th Century world, a romantic outcome, and everyone lived happily ever after. But going back to the past only happens in the movies.Remember only living things can give life.

The 20th Century is dead. Pass that on to anyone willing to listen. Say it as often as needed.Live life well in the 21st Century!.


John J. Alquist owns and operates Alquist Enterprises. He is an professional speaker, author and consultant.

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By: John Alquist


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