The Power of Dreams

How many people believe in dreams? Are your dreams real? How can dreams manifest themselves into reality? Where do dreams come from?.Dreams have been studied by people throughout the ages. To paraphrase, "People without a vision shall perish".

Is vision a dream? Can a vision become real?.The studies have proven that dreams are still under investigation by scientists, teachers, philosophers, psychiatrists, psychics, fortune tellers and mentalists. They all have different interpretations of what dreams mean. It seems that their different definition and perspective works for them.

My interpretation of what a dream is tends to be multifaceted. When you dream, as in sleep dreaming, your mind and particularly your subconscious is working to sort out your mental challenges. To answer your questions, your subconscious works continuously and never talks back like your mind does. Your mind uses self-talk to challenge us and stop our dreaming. We can control our self talk and we must. We need to put in positive self talk to direct our conscious mind.

Your subconscious can only be directed by the questions that you ask it and the input that it is being fed. Your subconscious believes everything is real and is true. That is why TV and movies can be harmful to you.Everything that you have ever learned and experienced is stored in your mind. In Sleep dreaming, your subconscious is putting all of the pieces together from all of your storage banks to arrive at an answer. Your subconscious never sleeps and it is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The subconscious mind is working for you while you are awake, this is sometimes called," Day Dreaming.".Some people call day dreaming as having a vision. You may be a Visionary.

When you master the sleep dreaming and the day dreaming you have tapped the greatest source of achievement. Great people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King, all were visionaries and used the power of the dream to direct their focus and achieve their Dreams.We all have the same ability concerning the use of our dreams. Use the power of your mind and the subconscious to develop your skills to achieve greatness.

When you have a dream, analyze what it means to you. Usually, it is a way to figure something out or to create a plan of focus to start developing your purpose in life.I had a dream the other evening and it was so real that I awoke with my Heart pounding in my chest and I was breathing heavy.

No, I was not having another Heart attack. The fact is that my body did not know if what I was dreaming was real or a dream. It reacted as if it were real. This proved to me that when we dream we can't tell the difference from real and unreal. When I awoke, I realized that it was a dream but my Heart was still reacting like it was the real deal.

This is the power of Dreams.Now I will answer the questions from the beginning of this article.How many people believe in dreams?.Not very many people believe and have Faith in their Dreams.Are dreams real?.

Yes, because they can manifest themselves.How can dreams manifest themselves into reality?.When you write your dreams down on paper they become material and real. They are in the quantum realm of all possibilities.Where do dreams come from?.

Your dreams are the culmination of everything that you have ever experienced in your life from our senses, learned experiences and any other input into the mind.Is vision a dream?.A vision is more than a dream. A vision is a dream and a thought process that is carried out in the subconscious and the conscious mind. Working together they come up with a vision, a vision that now can become real.

Can a vision become real?.A vision can become real by writing it down and taking action on the vision."Live for your Dreams everyday and watch the Miracles happen.".

.Frank Gasiorowski was awarded his Ph.

D. in Philosophy/Humanities and is an Author, Speaker, Radio and TV Guest for http://www.90DayGoals.com and Voice-Over narrator on the new BIBLEMIX CD. Frank is one of the founders of the "Total Self Mastery University" http://www.

TotalSelfMastery.com with Dr. Mike Davison. Frank is the Director of F.A.


Ministry. http://www.FindAnswersInTheHEART.com.

By: Frank Gasiorowski


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