The News Media Not Donald Rumsfeld are at Fault Lance Rants

So now we have 6 retired Generals and an Army of newspaper reporters, all Democrats calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign. But why; because he is tough, brash or a Bull Dog; well what do you want a Mommas Boy in charge of the Largest Military Force in the history of mankind?.Why all the animosity from the reporters on Donald Rumsfeld anyway? Well, you see back in 2001 he was quite critical of the news media and rightfully so, as they gave away information to our enemies, here is something I wrote on the subject written back in 2001 announcing our movements during the Taliban Terrorist assaults.

You see the reports cared more about scooping the news than the safety of our troops;."These reporters have constantly lied to the American people hiding behind the Constitutional amendment of freedom of the press. I believe there needs to be a Constitutional amendment that the freedom of the press in times of war is limited and any violation that causes harm to any American in the US military be dealt with in a military court with time in Leavenworth. We need to get tough with these people, because they seem to not understand the seriousness of this issue.

They think we are playing games, Well the enemy is using everything we do and every move we make as a component in the decision making process of their reciprocal move against us. If our intentions or moves are given away by those who purport to be on our team then in fact we have traitors in our midsts. We must deal with these actions and shore up the problem, so if the media wishes to not do it voluntarily, then the government should shut them up our selves.".

After being chastised for their incessant abuse of information causing problems for our military, they have been angry at Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld ever sense, but that is their own fault, don't blame our tireless hard working Bull Dog, Donald Rumsfeld, as we need him. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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