The Higher Self Part One Inner Guidance vs External Guidance

Modern society teaches little if anything of the True Power that each of us is. Stemming from the Dark Ages of spiritual repression, we have been taught to all but ignore our inner guidance (guidance and direction from our Higher Self) and intuition, instead we are encouraged to seek guidance from 'authorities' outside of our selves. As a result, our awareness of our Self tends to be limited to our physical body and our Consciousness.

In a time when we are realising that 'bodies of authority' are not necessarily guided by wisdom, nor do they always have our best interests at heart, a call is going out around the world for a greater wisdom. Once again, we are seeking Divine Guidance.Unlike the Churches would have you believe, there is not one single path that fits all.

Instead, each persons path to God (The Universe, Great Spirit, Goddess) is as unique as a finger print. Each of us has our own bridge to the Divine Creator, our journey and the path by which we walk, is at its most powerful and rewarding when we are using this bridge. The bridge, is our Higher Self.Please don't misunderstand, sometimes, part of a persons journey involves joining a church.

This is particularly common amongst those who are lost or struggle with structure, as religions provide a structure and clarity that help some people get back on their feet and journeying forward. However, whether the church (whichever church that may be) is part of their long term plan, or life time plan, well that depends on that individuals path.There will come a time when the guidance of Higher Self is common knowledge, when it becomes more readily recognised that just because an individual or a group speaks with an air of authority, doesn't mean that they know what they are talking about. It is easy, especially when you are feeling lost, unsure of yourself or distressed to attract to someone who speaks with great clarity and assuredness of their beliefs. Sometimes, as a short term solution, this can be useful in giving the individual an opportunity to get back on their feet, while the other person 'drives the car', however, unless the person takes back the drivers seat, they will likely increasingly find themselves feeling once again lost and confused, out of control and increasingly relying on this other person to take charge.

Why? Because they are not walking their own path, they are not following their Inner Guidance.Without realising it, much of what we do is based on our Inner Guidance. Raising children, developing relationships with others, asking for help and giving help to others are all examples where our Inner Guidance can plays a part. We've all known people who are clearly guided by their Higher Self (Inner Guidance). People who are confident, self assured, self reliant, calm, peaceful and wise, with no need to belittle or control others, are usually in strong connection with their Higher Self, whether they know it or not.In the next article, you will learn more about your Higher Self, how to develop your relationship with your Higher Self and some great things you can do with the help of this beautiful Divine being.

.Daniella Breen, B.Sc.(Psych), Reiki Master, Universal Shaman, Angel Intuitive (cert.), is a spiritual teacher and Path Work instructor whose primary focus and passion in her work is empowerment.

For more information about Daniella and her work go to http://www.shamangoddess.com.

By: Daniella Breen


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