The Heart Speaks

I hope by now you realize that you are a BEING OF LIGHT. Learn to work from your heart and you will be a master at anything that you want. Learn this and you will be wealthy and joyful and fulfilled in your life. Learn this and you will always know what to do and who to trust, who to love, and how to proceed. What I'm talking about is working from your heart.

There are two forces at work in your life: Fear, and Love. There are two places that give you messages, the mind and the heart, and sometimes they give you conflicting and opposing information. Your mind many times gives you wrong or distorted information.

Your heart, on the other hand, is connected to the truth.To access your heart takes patience, trust, silence, and calm. Your mind is a place of agitation and unrest. If you trust the mind, it will lie to you all the time, and you will be spun this way and that way and you will feel pressured, pained and guilty. If you learn to trust that inward spirit in the heart, you will feel collected, peaceful, calm, joyful and incredibly loved, and you will know what to do in all situations.

To access your heart, first you have to stop responding to your mind. You have to shut her down. Just observe your thoughts and watch them all go by; do not engage or connect to any thought.

Next, you must shut down any feeling of guilt or any impatient thought. Next you have to go to a private place and you have to get very quiet.Turn off the radio, television, your phone, the beeper, pager, computer, etc.

You have to remove yourself momentarily from your friends, and from the world as you know it. Do not let anyone intrude for the moment. Then sit very still and very quietly in a comfortable position, so that your back, legs or arms do not get tired.

Close your eyes. Suspend yourself in the darkness and the silence that you have created. Began to breathe slowly and imagine that this breath is going right down into your heart.

The breath is accompanied by an even bright light. As you breathe this breath, this light moves right along into your heart. With each breath you get more calm and quiet until you are very still and very calm.

Then wait, and listen. Breathe in this light, wait and listen. This is the beginning of a heart meditation.When you are very quiet, you will begin to feel a light presence filling your chest and coming into your mind. This is the Spirit of Light.

Acknowledge her, and allow her to encompass the space. Just relax. This is not an evil spirit, or anything like that.

This is the all knowing part of you. This is the part of you that is extremely ancient and has unlimited wisdom. And you are now accessing it.Now you can begin to ask some questions. The Spirit of Light knows everything. There is nothing that this all- knowing part of you does not know.

The question and answer period goes something like this: "Is this the right thing for me?" The answer will come in different ways. It might be an audible "yes or no". It might be a physical feeling, like a tightness in your chest, or in your stomach. That is an uncomfortable answer. Which means that something about what you are asking is making you physically uncomfortable. You could say that it is a "no" answer.

These physical feelings are directly related to you and how you specifically receive information.If you have met a person and you receive a physical feeling of a clamping of your chest or stomach, or the feeling of nausea, do not ignore this strong physical feeling. This is warning for you about this particular person. If you receive this same feeling every single time that you encounter this person, this is a clear indication that this is not a person that you should spend time with, or one that you should give any energy at all to. Most definitely you would do well to avoid contact with this person. The same thing is true if you feel this clamping of the chest or stomach when in contact with a certain group.

If, upon the very first encounter with this person or group, you feel this, know that something is very wrong. Prior to getting into any relationship with this person or this group, check in with your spirit. It has already put out a warning about it.

Trust that.

.Yoga Kat--aka Katheryn Hoban is a yoga teacher and Reiki Master Teacher with twelve years experience. She teaches children's yoga ages 3-6, and 7-12 and Adults privately in NJ.

She is the author the book DAUGHTER BELOVED which will come out next year. She has created a children's affirmation CD (ages 3-6) and an affirmation CD for adults. Yoga Kat is available for speaking or writing and can be reached at katscoolcorner@yahoo.com or 201 970-9340.

COMING SOON http://www.thecircleofpeace.com.

By: Katheryn Hoban


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