The Enneagram

When I left the 'Don', (This is part of a far larger story about how I learned a great deal in jail at the age of twenty when I went to serve off parking ticket fines rather than pay for what I considered illegal taxation for a corrupt bureaucracy) I saw a cat near the sidewalk ahead of me. It was an orange and white tabby that didn't move out of my way nor did it come for rubs from my outstretched hand. It winked at me with one eye and I received a flash of enlightenment. The knowledge of what exists in the lowest form of life is ruled by the same principles and rules that impact the more complex creatures. Knowledge is not comprised of words or logical constructs and when fully integrated it appears quite simple.

That is the nature of principles. Seeing or feeling the white light in Yoga has an element of this, as does the Near Death Experience. This was more than that!.

In a mere fifteen seconds my head was filled. I may only have been able to incorporate a small portion of what it offered yet it seemed almost to be the kind of divine illumination that many ecstatic religions report. It was something I pondered upon for many years. My current attitude about it is that it was not the level of knowledge that I would have gotten at the most complex level of life, but rather one or more steps beneath that. About ten years ago James Redfield's book the Celestine Prophecy told a nice story that incorporates the knowledge of the Enneagrams. Around the early 1920's Jesuit priests brought this knowledge out of Persia and probably it is related to the Magi of Zoroaster and the three wise men of the Bible.

These Magi are on the path of the alchemist and other shamanistic attunements. Gurdjieff's Sarmoung Brotherhood are directly associated with the Enneagrams. Redfield does not include mention of the Enneagrams in this book and I have not read his follow up books to know if he gives them credit there. If he does that is nice; but it might also threaten a lot of people if he did.

(The gate was opened to me . in one quarter of an hour I saw and knew more than if I had been many years together at a University . I saw it as in a great deep in the internal; for I had a thorough view of the Universe, as a complex moving fullness wherein all things are couched and wrapped up.

- Jacob Boehme, Mystic).In his book he takes a person through the plant and animal knowledge of the laws of nature and dimensional reality of energy and the soul in a beautiful story ending in de-materialization. This book was at the top of the New York Times best-seller list longer than any other book. I believe it was 28 months.

De-materialization and ascendancy or what the Bible refers to in part as Resurrection are human adept potentials and we shall delve into this much deeper later in this book. The Enneagrams are also able to be expressed in the purest form of language - mathematics. I have had occasion to look at the work of one scholar who had done this. He agreed with me on almost every point related thereto.

However, when it happened to me I did not know about the Enneagrams and I thought it was a Cosmic Consciousness or direct cognition of even greater proportions. I had read R. M. Bucke's book by that title and it had led to some calling me the 'Cosmic Kid' a few years earlier. His work also details a man who disappeared before scientists and police 29 times at McGill University in Montreal where Bucke was a psychiatrist.

Bucke is the man who worked with Walt Whitman to end straight-jacket uses and treat people with respect. The Movie Beautiful Dreamers is well worth watching and tells their story in a London, Ont. asylum. Eventually the man who could dematerialize didn't return as he had said would happen.Beautiful Dreamer:.

The Civil War was a cauldron horrific.One medical helper in it became terrific.Richard Maurice Bucke says he was Jesus-like.'Cosmically conscious' even riding a bike.The Collective Unconscious not yet spoken about.

Bucke was the top psychiatrist there can be no doubt.Why did later journals eradicate his contributions grand.This is no laughing matter and I an accounting do demand.This medic made great poetry much more than I can do.You could even say in comparison mine is mere do-do.

I recommend the movie Beautiful Dreamers.Though focused on London Asylum screamers.There Walt Whitman through and with his friend.Brought strait-jackets and worse to an end.Cavorting physically and swimming nude.Some people found this man quite crude.

Bi-sexual or a simple 'gay'.I truly cannot really say.His influence, though and humaneness.Has uplifted many from a great mess.His prose is greater than what we call a muse.You sometimes even become amuse.

Society should hold him above most heroes.Warriors and Kings are mostly zeroes.I do truly 'bless his heart'.He put the horse before the cart.Whitman died before my birth.

I would have loved to share his mirth.

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By: Robert Baird


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