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Following an endorsement by a British television personality, a book on the subject of 'Cosmic Ordering' - also known as 'Wish Listing' ? has been flying off the shelves. The book, first written in German in 2001, has already sold over one million copies. It is devoted to the art of manifesting and is credited with turning the aforementioned presenter's life around.Unfortunately, this overnight sales phenomenon has been greeted with widespread ridicule and scepticism by the British Press. Toiling hard for your rewards is an acceptable idea but the granting of wishes with little or no effort expended is, it would seem, a bridge too far - even for some of the more enlightened journalists.

Yet, despite the derision of the broadsheets, the idea is obviously appealing to the general populace. The average person on the street undoubtedly feels there is little to lose, and everything to gain, by employing the advice in the book. In a world full of chaos and disharmony, the belief that one might be able to bring order and happiness, on demand, is the equivalent of locating the Holy Grail.Interestingly however, the concept of manifesting one's desires is far from new.

A cursory glance towards the Mind, Body and Spirit section in any bookstore will reveal a wealth of tomes on the subject. Penned over many decades by highly regarded personal development gurus such as Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, all these books cite similar techniques for materializing your dreams. Rarely do authors of this ilk discuss ideas that haven't been tested through personal experience, so they are not to be dismissed lightly.

I have personally practised manifesting for well over 15 years, as have many of my colleagues, with incredible results.So what is Cosmic Ordering or Wish Listing? Quite simply it's the idea that one writes out an order, or a list of desires and 'places' it in the hands of the Universe. There are a few additional specific techniques which one can apply to enhance the probability of the Universe delivering. These techniques vary little from author to author and are readily available, for a small fee, on a plethora of Internet sites devoted to the art of manifesting.In some quarters however, these techniques are viewed as closely guarded metaphysical wisdom, only to be passed through word of mouth from esoteric teacher to initiate student. According to ancient lore, money should not change hands for the gift of any esoteric knowledge or counsel.

The punishment for any transgression of this rule being that the person who does not heed the warning will lose the gift of perception. Whether Messrs Chopra, Dyer et al should be concerned I don't know. I'm not quite sure where I personally sit over this dire warning but I am more than happy to share freely what I have learned over the years on the subject of manifesting.

The original premise of the teaching probably originates from the Bible:.Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek, and you shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened to you.
For whoever asks, receives;
and he who seeks, finds;
and to him who knocks, the door is opened.
Matthew 7:7:8.The received esoteric teaching is that one simply has to image, ordain and manifest the object of ones desire. The belief being that intense desire creates an energy wave that magnetises the desire towards you, as energy and matter are interchangeable.

Here then is the technique:.Get yourself into the state of mind, somewhat akin to the way you feel just before you fall asleep, where the mind is still alert but simultaneously relaxed. Image in your mind the object of your desire, whether it is a person, a material object or a situation ? or all three.

Now make the desire come to life. Use all of your senses to do this, touch it, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it and finally imagine what it would feel like as if you already have it.When you have a good sense of your desire walk with this feeling through a set of imaginary rooms. Each time you enter a room, imagine it bathed in the following colours.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, recalling your desire anew at each stop along the way. These are the colours of the Rainbow and the belief is that as each responds to a different electromagnetic frequency, they should always be used in this order.Next, take a piece of paper and write down your request, making sure it is absolutely specific. For instance, if your desire is a sum of money, you should describe the currency e.g.

, Canadian dollars are different to US dollars. Do you want a check or cash? If your desire is for a new car, describe the interior trim, the color of the bodywork, the specific engine size, make and model number, the wheel trim, whether it is a second hand or new car, left or right hand drive etc. If it is a person you are requesting to show up in your life, list every physical, mental and emotional quality that you seek.

Phrase your request as if it is going to be answered without fail. When you wake up in the morning you know the Sun will have risen. You do not say, 'I am hoping to find the Sun.' Similarly, this request must be phrased with positive intention, as if there is absolutely no doubt about it showing up and the Universe has no choice in the matter. For example, 'This week I find?' or an even stronger affirmation is 'I now own a?'.

Once the list is done, read it out aloud. In this way you are ordaining your wish with the power of the spoken word.If you want to strengthen your request further you can cut out pictures and make a visual collage of your desire.

Repeating your list in writing and via the spoken word, morning and night, also intensifies the energy your order receives. Sometimes you will get an intuitive feeling that this is just not necessary, in which case, simply place your wish list in a safe spot and wait for your desire to manifest in the physical world.It really is as simple as that. This technique is powerful because your mind is part of the Universal mind or energy. Once you truly understand that you are connected at source to creation itself, you will have accessed the power of positive thinking which allows you to co-create your world. Once that happens all negative feelings, or any 'lack' mentality, will be replaced by a prosperity and abundance consciousness where miracles are commonplace.

Remember, IMAGE, ORDAIN, MANIFEST and change your life today.

.Kathryn Cassidy is a professional astrologer.

She was first taught by traditional astrologer, Derek Appleby and later worked with Sun sign astrologer Jonathan Cainer before securing her own astrology column in an internationally distributed magazine - Journal. She now hosts a blog called Collaborating With Fate http://collaboratingwithfate.blogspot.com where she discusses all aspects of astrology and metaphysics, with an emphasis on planetary cycles and the harmonic rhythms inherent in our Universe.

By: Kathryn Cassidy


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