The Clarion Call of the TimeSpirit Mahakal

To intrinsically and qualitatively change humanity is indeed a Herculean task and paid workers or servants cannot do it. This work is for the awakened souls ready to dedicate them to selfless service for upliftment of humanity into the illumined realm of unitive consciousness of spirit. I need those noble souls who are both honest and hard working. At present, those who are honest are not hard working and those who are hard working are not honest; and those who are both hard working as well as honest, are unaware of the Time-Spirit's call (Mahakal's call) for divination of human consciousness.

I have very little time in this embodiment and I need worthy collaborators and colleagues to carry forward my Divine Mission of transmutation to its culmination. I heartily welcome all who can offer themselves unconditionally for this noble cause. It is my assurance to you that this will be the most rewarding undertaking. I have been doing it myself ever since I was in my early teens and hence this assurance.

I need you to expand the reach of this Divine Mission. I need those who can contribute to the building up of a new nation, a new world of divinised human beings. All of you! Please take me to new regions, new territories and to new classes of people. The Mission that I have initiated is unique of its kind. The heart of this Mission is to take the consciousness transforming literature that I have written and which has been made available at negligible cost to every noble and educated person in the world. My humble request to all of you is to spread the sparks of the illumination behind my inspired words as far and wide as you can.

When you introduce me to others, please do not introduce me as a great yogi and saint endowed with occult powers, who can grant boons to whosoever beseeches the same from him. Instead, introduce me as a person who has a burning fire in his heart and firy sparks in his eyes for the real welfare of humanity.My request to all of you who have responded to my ardent call is to read and understand my thoughts and vision and spread them across the entire globe.

Please detach yourself from the dreamland filled with selfish motives and join the wakefulness of Spirit, which embraces the whole creation in its love-filled bosom.Please take my inspired words to everyone close to you who is ready to be awakened, especially the thinkers and intellectuals of society. There is no copyright on my writings and these can be printed / published by any one.Anyone who will read and assimilate my message of spiritual awakening is my disciple.

All my spiritual energy is condensed in my words. My resolve of "Ushering in the golden era of truth and righteousness on earth" is not because of any occult powers that I might be possessing or a flight of fancy but because of the strength and energy behind my inspired vision.The murmuring of advent and descent of cosmic consciousness on earth can be heard in all the directions.

Every invisible subtle particle in the universe is resonating with it. It feels like the roar of "Panchjanya Shankha" of Lord Krishna proclaiming ? Change! Change!! Change!!! ? Nothing but a total transmuting change ? a paradigm shift in human consciousness.Just as the epical character "Shravan Kumar" took his parents to all pilgrimage centers, please take me, in the form of my written and spoken words, to all corners of the earth.

They are surcharged with the transmuting energy of the Supreme Spirit.Let me assure you that if you unconditionally dedicate yourselves to this Divine Mission, your own worldly responsibilities will be properly taken care of.The seeds of all soul-level revolutions originate from the minds of illumined thinkers and seers. Their inspiring literature spreads like a wild fire to other receptive minds. The process continues as ripple effect and spreads globally. The sparks join together and transform themselves into all-encompassing Effulgent Light ? chasing all that is impure, obscure, wicked, divisive ? in one word Evil.

The Invisible Cosmic Intelligence that upholds the universe is ready to bring about this revolutionary paradigm shift in human consciousness. With the roar of canons, the marching sound of the armies and fall of the mighty rulers, tremendous revolutionary changes at global level are helping in the destruction of the forces of darkness and preparing the ground for descent of light of the Divine Spirit. Apparently the world scene presents a state of total darkness ? where Evil reigns supreme. But beneath this eastern horizon golden Light of Dawn is preparing to burst forth. Let us stand firm in this hour of trial and tribulation on the strength of ? Hope, Faith and Love.

The miracle?like influence of the sprouting seeds of a revolutionary seer-vision has unobtrusively started spreading in all directions. The Hour of God has arrived. Let all those, who can hear, hark the call and consciously choose to be the Peaceful Warriors of Spirit for creating Divine Life on earth.

.a member of gayatri pariwar totally follows the gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya who is the founder of gayatri pariwar with the family of more than 2400 million people all over the world. he has worked to the welfare and upliftment of humanity and bring the satyug again by bringing down the godliness in each and every person of the earth.


By: Padma Hiraskar


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