Take Care Mom

In the busy life of a mom, there is a definite shortage of time to go around, and most moms skimp on the time they allow for themselves. Now putting their family's needs before their own is very admirable, but in the long term, this may not be in the best interests of their family.With all the dashing around, getting everyone to the correct events at the correct time, with the correct gear, fed and ready to perform, there is often very little time to think, never mind plan to take a time out for yourself! But even 15 minutes a day can be beneficial for the whole family.

A less stressed mom is happier, and able to deal with the curved balls sent her way every day, and we all know there are a lot of those!.So how do you find 15 minutes? Well that can be a huge challenge of course, but remember that if it was something that needed doing for your family, you would find the time. So change your way of thinking. This 15 minutes, your 15 minutes, will benefit every one, as you will feel more relaxed, more on top of things, in a better frame of mind, and your self esteem will be better too.

Your family will learn from your attitude too, so if you are less stressed, the chances are they will be too, and that can be a huge bonus!.So, taking care of yourself in 15 minutes, can it be done? Definitely, yes! Even 5 minutes is better than zero. What is the best use of this time? Well there are many ways you could spend this time, and it depends on your preferences of course. Take a look at this list and see what appeals:

  • reading a book or magazine with or without a coffee, tea, or even a glass of wine.

  • soaking in an aromatic bath.
  • listening to a cd or tape of your favourite music.
  • having a facial at home.
  • having a pedicure at home.

  • exercising.
  • going for a walk, with or without your family.
  • sitting quietly and meditating.
  • taking a nap - but remember to set an alarm if you need to get going after 15 minutes!.going to bed early for an extra 15 minutes quality sleep.

  • watching your favourite half hour show - if you tape it and fast forward through the ads then it'll be about 15 minutes!.
  • indulging in a chocolate treat, bought or homemade - I like this one, because if your family get to share this treat, they will soon get used to giving you your 15 minutes with no interruptions!
.Of course, you can indulge even more by combining some of the above, but make sure you don't fall asleep with a face mask on, or it might have drastic results!.

If you take out a little time for yourself, then you will find that your health will improve, as your body will enjoy the care you are giving it. You will feel better, your family will too, and you can all function much better as a result.


Al Jackson takes pride in being a complete non-techie who, despite the challenges of life with her particular husband and daughters, enjoys creating websites intended to inform, entertain, and help, others. Her website http://www.momslifeline.

com is a compilation of many useful ideas and tips for busy moms, reflecting her own experience as a parent and a teacher.

By: Al Jackson


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