Syria Iran and Israel in Conflict

There is serious developments taking place in the Gaza Strip as the Israeli army lines up at the border and sends in Air Strikes to take out a Bridge and a Power Plant. It appears that both Iran and Syria wish to have an escalation in this conflict. Did the Israelis go a power plant and bridge too far?.Well if you consider that Iran is building an Atomic Bomb and has promised to; Blow Israel off the map; then maybe not, as a premature escalation now before Iran has a nuclear warhead to take out Israel with its latest purchase of 1200-mile range Chinese Missiles might actually give Israel the edge.Nevertheless now Syria has brought in forces to assist the Hamas Leadership and protect it. But Israel says it is patient and will hunt down these leaders and international terrorists where ever they are.

And they plan to do just that and with each strike Iran is increasing its vocal-ness and threats and it has much military hardware and troops to offer. Does it dare enter the fray too soon?.Meanwhile the United States is finding itself on not so neutral ground these days as Syria brings in re-enforcements to Hamas and Iran is sending in insurgents to plant roadside bombs in Iraq. Still some are optimistic that this can be handled diplomatically; personally however, well let us just say I am not one of them. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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