Striking the Gender Balance

This afternoon, I attended a meeting with our local Chamber of Commerce office on starting a group for women. In my eyes, the meeting was a great success. We talked about and agreed upon the fact that this group will not be a women only group, but will be open to attendance for men. Why, you ask, would a group for women be open to men as well? Because there are many men out there who want to learn how to market to women, how to do business with women, and how to communicate with women. They want to put forth the effort, and I for one am all for that.On Monday, I spoke at a local Rotary Club.

Just as I suspected, it was a mostly male membership, partly from the "good old boys club". What I loved about this event was that when I was finished, several of the men came up to me and said they really want to learn how to market to women, and some of them said they just want to learn how to communicate better with their wives. That is very impressive!.It seems to me as though our culture is becoming more gender balanced.

We are realizing that there is great value within each gender and that neither should be more dominant. We want to work together because when we do it well, we have great success. We want to communicate with one another, because when we do, everything seems to fall into place.

We realize that it will take some time to get to the place where we have a good balance. Our culture has been male dominant for centuries and it has taken decades for women to get to where we are. We've come a long way.Right now, the surprising factor in the tipping of the scales is the men. The fact that they are even trying to work with us is a good sign. The fact that they are supporting us in our passions and in our dreams and in the balance is even better.

I say we remain open to what's coming in the future. Let's do what we can to work together and to communicate with one another. Let's see how far we can go.


Wendi Moore-Buysse works with business professionals who want to learn how to market to women. She coaches, teaches, and consults with women who want to develop intuition and who want to develop leadership skills. Her books from the Life's Little Cheat Sheets Series, including "Shifting Gears: Get Moving in the Right Direction", are available through her website. "Shifting Gears" includes ways to shift your focus from what you don't want to what you do want.

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By: Wendi Moore-Buysse


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