Stress Management Techniques

Stress management techniques are meant for those suffering from physical and psychological stress. With competition brewing in every field, people looking out for successful stress management techniques are increasing day by day.There are three major approaches to manage stress.

The first is the action-oriented approach. In this method, the problems that cause stress are identified and necessary changes are made for a stress free life. The next approach is emotionally oriented and in it, the person overcomes stress by giving a different color to the experience that caused stress. The situation, which causes stress, is seen humorously or from a different angle. The third way is acceptance-oriented approach. This approach focuses on surviving the stress caused due to some problem in the past.

There are various stress management techniques available to control and reduce stress. Self-understanding, self-management, conflict resolution, self-talk, positive attitude, exercise, meditation, autogenic training, breathing, diet, rest and stress balls are some of the common techniques. These techniques help a person to overcome emotional problems and to improve behavioral skills. These stress management techniques controls emotional outbursts, which is a by-product of stress.

Heavy breathing reduces stress and brings the body to a relaxed position. Music therapy is another method of stress relief designed for both short term and long term conditions. Other stress-relieving techniques include meditation, yoga, and self-hypnosis.Autogenic training - developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz - is a relaxation technique.

In it, a person undergoes a series of sessions, which teaches to relax limbs, heart, and breathing. This technique is mainly used against stress-induced psychosomatic disorders. Biofeedback is another method and in it, people are instructed to intentionally trigger relaxation response and control automatic stress responses from the autonomic nervous system.

Yet another stress management technique is to identify the hot spots and trigger points of stress.In addition to these stress management techniques, one should also look at time management techniques. Proper management of time can reduce stress largely.

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By: Elizabeth Morgan


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