Relationship Renewal Secrets of the Pros

Relationship Renewal is too often seen as being about how we can get others to change the attitudes and behavior of loved ones towards us. The Secrets of the Pros center on one truth that can quickly change a relationship breakdown into a Relationship Renewal.That one truth is the Scripture - "Love your neighbor as yourself ". It's the second part of this verse that many fail to recognize and apply to their lives.

You need to love and have a deep regard for yourself.Webster defines love as -"unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another". Now you know you're a three part being comprised of body, mind and spirit. The key is to get each of your parts to love the others. In other words your body-mouth- will only voice what you think is true and what you know in your "knower" - your spirit- is true.

You can get a transformed relationship each time you follow this simple strategy because it will cause you to shine and have fresh favor in the eyes of your loved one. You'll have dumped your self-centered approach to life and be focused on caring and loving others.Your life will become a series of experiences in which you seek to be well pleasing in all you do to others - without having any concerns about how they treat you in return.Your Relationship Renewal will serve you well as long as you maintain a "love" for yourself and "unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another".

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By: Kenneth Little


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