Quiz Are You Romancing In Love

Have you experienced romantic love when you have sent flowers for no reason? When you sent hundreds of ecards in a single day. When you wrote poetry for your beloved and he/she heard it as if it was a piece of great art? When you search around for love quotes on the Internet like mad? When you wanted all that you could do to make your sweetheart happy? This is a phase of romantic love that is not gifted by God to everyone. Very few lucky ones fall in such love. Let us talk about the passion of this romance.

When we talk of history, we come across instances when wars were fought for women.

The wars were fought when the lovers were in this romantic phase. In this phase, both the girl and the boy defy every convention, break all the norms and think only of their beloved. The passion of this love is incomparable. In this passion, if somebody hurts the beloved, the lovers may even kill that person. What we read about romance is this phase when all logic is thrown to the wind and heart rules over the head completely.

During this phase, lovers do not even imagine that a day will come when they would lose this love.

Not only that, but they may also break-up. That thought is beyond their wildest imagination. That is why if some one advises them that both of you are not alike each other, or please reconsider your love, they revolt against that person.

If you experience this phase, you will never forget it. If you manage your relationship after this phase in such a way that it survives against all the odds and you continue without any break-up, you are one of the lucky ones. Please enjoy the romance.

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By: CD Mohatta


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