More Than Words

A thought is never objectified until it is put into words. Words are physical symbols representing someone's thought.In the physical world the words we use represent our power, or at least the power that we know we have at the moment. Some words are more powerful than others. For instance, "I know" are the second two most powerful words that you can use.

"I think," "I hope," or "I believe are very weak.".When I was 15 and had landed my first job, my boss taught me to use the word "we" when I talked to customers. I was knowledgeable enough at what I was doing at that age, and had enough experience to represent the company while selling products. His reasoning for using the word "we" was to let the customer know that there was more than myself-there was someone behind me to back me up.

"We" became a big part of my vocabulary, and I used it almost exclusively when referring to myself. There was some comfort in the word, but I didn't realize until just a few years ago what kind of damage it was doing to my self esteem.When we say the word "we," we disempower ourselves. In other words if I was talking to you and I said, "we" can do this or that for you, you may be thinking-maybe there is someone else I should be talking to. By using the word we, I have divided my power.

If I chose the word "I" then the power stops with me-there is no one else. "I" can do this or that for you.By using the word "we" I don't have to take all the responsibility for what I say. My position is much weaker because you can go over my head and talk to the other part of we.Old habits are hard to die, and I realized that this word has not worked in my favour. It has taken almost two years to wipe this word from everyday conversations.

By doing so, I have noticed that people are not looking past my shoulder any longer. I have regained the power of my words that I gave away over 50 years ago.There are so many of these kinds of words that disenfranchise us everyday in our relationships with others.

We are so accustomed to using them, they become our friends. They are however, clear symbols to others of how you are thinking. Words do not lie, people do-and the words that you choose to use tell volumes about how and what you are thinking.

Words are the second step in manifesting thought into physical reality. The steps are-thought, word and deed. First comes the thought, then the command (word), and the thought is always made manifest at some level of reality.To change one's circumstances one only needs to change the words that he/she uses. If you took some time off to study and re-evaluated the words that you use everyday, and replaced them all with new words-you would notice that your world would also change immediately.You would see your world through a different set of glasses, and people would relate to you differently.

I listen to myself talking as much as I can, and often I change my words after spoken or choose a different one before speaking. The secret is to start speaking slower, and think before you speak about what words you use.Start today and spend some time listening to your words. Pick one that you notice may have a big impact on whom you are talking to, and change it. I took me two years to train myself not to use "we." You may be a faster learner.

Keep doing that until you have achieved the desired results.Language is so important and conveys so many meanings spoken or implied. The poor chose of a word, can bring you down or promote you to the top. Wars are fought over a few poorly chosen words. And maidens acquiesce to your charming words.Another word that I use a lot is-never! I bet you can find lots of them in your vocabulary that you may want to change.

If it is a new life that you are seeking or a new way to get along with others, consider using different words. If you want to succeed in some endeavor choose "I can." Tell yourself that often. Don't use words like, "I want," "I think I can," or maybe-they are weak and have little power. Use the word "know." "Know" is absolute-if you know something there are no other possibilities.

Even if you have to fool yourself for awhile, eventually you will begin to believe your own words. Then once you know them to be true, they will become your new reality. If you choose to use the word success as often as possible, you will succeed.If you continue to use the word "unworthy" for a period of time, you will believe it and you will feel unworthy.

I you choose to use the word "love" often, you will not have any room for the word "hate" and it will never cross your mind."We" would never tell you this if it were not so!."I" would never tell you this if it were not so!.Which one is more powerful?.More than words-words are power! They are more powerful than anything you will put your hands to-choose wisely!.

.Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A published author, a student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination, and take you to places you would never have thought about.

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By: Roy Klienwachter


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