Meditation on The Secrets of the Universe the Answer in Words or Less

We are Ordinary Things.We are all made of ordinary stuff, put together in a certain, exact combinations: water, dirt, magnesium, copper, sunshine, grass, lettuce, pickles, electrons and memories. Only a bit of DNA and a dash of luck keep all these elements in their exact relationships.

These exact combinations of elements are inherently unstable and never last long. Made from basically the same stuff as us, many plants only last a season. Most animals only live a few years. Even redwood trees last an age then disappear.

Very few of us will ever see the high side of 100 years on this earth. When we die, the only thing that makes us special, the only thing that makes us different, different from rocks and different from each other, are the choices we make: the story we tell God about our life.Life is a Process.Life has no set meaning. Even Jesus, waiting alone in the moonlight in the Garden of Gethsemane, had a choice. If he had turned away from his path, I am certain God would have understood and sent another messiah to earth.

Therefore, our life path isn't fixed. We don't ONLY live a meaningful life IF we make certain, "correct" choices. Life is a process. To enjoy a meaningful life, learn to enjoy the process. To enjoy the process, set the bar fairly low: don't kill anyone (unless you absolutely have to), don't get stinking drunk, don't fool around, cut out the gossip, don't steal. That's about it.

It's not hard to live a good enough life to be worthy of joy.Take Care of Each Other.Still feel like there is something missing? To get a little more out of life, give a little more! Treat yourself and those you meet with loving-kindness. Treat those in need (family, friends, strangers, your own self) with compassion and generosity.

Enjoy, even rejoice in, your accomplishments and those of people you know and care about. Learn to take things in stride. Take a few minutes of quiet time every day and get to know yourself, how your mind works, how your body reacts to the world, and consider how you might show kindness, compassion, joy and peace to yourself and those you know and care about.Summary.None of us is anything special. The only thing that makes us unique is our choices.

To enjoy life, set some minimum standards so you can give yourself permission to accept God's grace. Be good to yourself. Love each other. Take a little quite time every day for rest and reflection.

That's about it. I suggest you print out this message, then carry it with you and read it everyday for a month. See how it works for you.

.About the Author.Rodney Robbins is a novelist and quality manager with a rare muscle disorder.

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By: Rodney Robbins


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