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These sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and textures, so you're probably going to have to try a few out before you find out that fits the bill. The ones with textures on the inside can be fantastic and can add to you and your partner's sexual activity as well, creating an easier back and forth motion for a tired wrist.For a mind-blowing self-masturbation experience, it's all about the penis pumps. While these are normally touted as ways to enlarge the penis, that isn't the only thing it's good for.

What it does do is create an enormous amount of suction equivalent to the best fellatio that you've ever received in your life.By pumping the air out of the chamber where the penis is placed, there is a vacuum that sends every inch of the skin into a sensitive maelstrom of pleasure. The penis becomes engorged and the final release is so powerful that you may wonder if you ever needed anyone else. (Just kidding).Penis pumps can be tricky though if you're not careful. Don't pump too hard, or you can end up with something like a hickey on your penis.

Moving onward and upward and backward?.It's not just about making the penis bigger in order to create a highly pleasurable experience, but it's also about thinking of the blood flow to the penis tip.When the blood moves through the penis, that's when it becomes more sensitive. And that's when it's easy to release an orgasm as the sensitivity builds.

To make your self last a little longer, penis rings are suggested.These temporarily cut off the blood flow to the penis head so that you don't feel as much of the thrusting sensations. In addition to keeping you 'cool,' it also helps to stimulate your partner with well-placed knobs and textures. This helps you to hold back an orgasm for much longer than you might be able to, and culminates in a release that is more intense than you may have ever believed possible.These are definite fun things to try.

And while you can use them on your own, it's sometimes more fun to play with someone else. If you're getting pleasure out of something, who knows what your partner may feel?.You might be pleasantly surprised.Rest your fears.Most men don't understand the power of prostate stimulation.

Using anal toys to help with your orgasms is just another way to intensify your experience. Butt plugs and anal beads can create an intense pressure on the prostate and thus create perfect conditions for an intense release.And with a little lubricant, there's nothing to fear.

This is something that you can test on your own and then share with your partner to see how many areas can be stimulated at the same time. What a rush.And to make every sexual experience a little tastier, you can use flavored condoms to get your partner hungry for more. Why not encourage all the licking that you can? Latex can be so boring.Toys aren't just for women when they're by themselves, but there are also great toys available for men that want a little alone time or to make their partner time last even longer.

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