Love Connection of the s

It's so easy to think about, and indeed wish for Love! We will all admit that it is a wonderful and necessary thing, yet who here agrees on just what it is. Not I, so I'm going to concentrate on the easy question.I never did like the concept of "computer dating" or even the idea of a non-physical relationship, just how would you profit from this? Love over the Internet, well this is the safest kind of sex there is right?.You never know where it may lead--virtual flowers (or 'sex'), late night emails, engagement, marriage? You'd be surprised.

Internet dating is the "Love Connection" of the '90's, especially for many students with 24-hour-a-day access to computer labs and modems.No longer do people have to go to bars and risk taking home the wrong mate. Nor do net surfers have to take a shower and look their best for a date.It is possible to sit in front of the computer with stinky breath and ratty clothes while talking with a possible soul mate.

There is no risk of wasting money on a bad date, and if a relationship doesn't work out, it can be deleted with the press of a key.Computers are creating a new, if unproven, way to communicate and develop intimate 'relationships'. If you're ready to give it a try, put away your fancy clothes and expensive fragrances. Get down. Get dirty. And get in front of the computer.

Well.By and large, epistolary relationships don't last beyond the physical symptoms of romantic infatuation (lust, infatuation, and attachment).This is because a romantic love, which is not to be confused with romantic infatuation, is a three part phenomenon, with equal parts of attachment, caring, and intimacy, so it's not a total shock as to why this is the case.The point is that, you should gather your rosebuds out there, in the real world while you may, because tomorrow they will be dying!.


By: Michael Hart


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