Life On Good Old Planet Earth

If an intelligent life force from another planet is studying us, I am sure that they are scratching their heads in utter amazement and disbelief. "They are down there doing what?" "Those people haven't gotten their acts together yet?".Apparently not! But it makes an interesting soap opera doesn't it? All depends on how you look at it and which side of the fence you are on.Why bother do drugs or drink? We do crazy things without any help from them!.Why bother even pretend that this is normal? Who are we trying to kid? This is mixed-up, messed up mayhem.

Total madness! And we are creating the whole show together.Yep. There goes your name across the screen.

There goes mine in brighter, bolder colors. And there too goes everybody's on the planet. Co-producers, co-directors, actors, actresses. everybody has their script and their role in the little drama.What role do you play?.When your life here on good old planet Earth is just about up, how are you going to feel about the life story that you created?.

I don't know about you, but I am thinking that this could be a great adventure story. Think of some of the dramas that you have witnessed. Remember some of the sagas that you have had a starring role in. There is tremendous talent here. What we can conceive of and concoct is really something to behold.

What if we were not all going in different directions, counter-acting each other and ourselves? Can you imagine if we supported each other instead of fighting and finding ways to tear each other down?.We are currently co-creating a shared reality on Earth, but the dreams are not in synch.What if you were able to create the reality you desired right now? What would you create? If it's in your imagination bank, then it's definitely within the realm of possibility for you to create it.

.Nicola Karesh is a Licensed Avatar Master.

She teaches a practical course in enlightenment that equips you with all of the tools to manage your life and create the reality you prefer..For more information, visit her online at:.



By: Nicola Karesh


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