Lessons of Success from Kid Rock

I was watching an MTV interview one day. The reporter was interviewing the popular singer Kid Rock on how he went from being a no-name singer to a world-renown music icon. Now normally, I don't pay attention to what pop icons say because it's usually nothing worth digesting, but something that Kid Rock said in this interview really got me thinking."How did you go from being basically a nobody on public access television to the huge success you are today?" The reporter asked."Simple.

I pretended I was big shit. I always thought of myself as big shit. And you know what?that's exactly what I became.

" Rock replied (with obvious bleeps included).At first I thought this comment was vulgar and arrogant and in some ways it was, but when you really think about it, Kid Rock was telling all of us his recipe for success?A recipe that any one of us can follow in our own lives.Law of Success #1: Project Yourself Where You Want to be and Eventually You Will Get There.Even though Kid Rock started out with almost no money, and doing cheesy parts on public access television; this did not phase him from where he envisioned himself to be.

He envisioned himself as a huge celebrity pop music icon that he is today, even when he wasn't. That projection is an important part of success. We are where we think ourselves to be and if we want to achieve something greater in our lives, we first must change our mental outlook to adopt that which we desire. Now, that's a more philosophic and vague statement that will leave the majority of people scratching their heads and Kid Rock has me beat in simplistically breaking this statement down into something we can all understand, "If you think you're big shit?You'll become big shit.

" It's that simple.This is one of the most important secrets of success that many people fail to fully grasp. They complain about not being able to get anywhere in life, and they blame all of their misfortunes in their life that barred their path towards accomplishing anything. They are missing the first crucial step towards success and confidence which is changing how they see themselves.

You can't become CEO if you don't envision yourself already as one. You can't become a world-class triathlete if you envision yourself as being mediocre. You can't become a well-known singer if you think of yourself as small-time.Success begins and ends in the mind. That is the only difference between you and those you see on television or read about in magazines.

Sure, success for some might come easier than for others, but true happiness with your life comes from your ability to set goals, overcome challenges, and fulfill life-long dreams. Everyone's success is measured by their own unique scale of how they want to live their lives.So, all of us can learn an important lesson on success from Kid Rock. Project ourselves where we want to be right now, and eventually we will rise to meet that level of expectation..


Tristan Loo is the founder of Alternative Conflict Resolution Services, a management consultancy based out of San Diego County, Calfornia. Tristan is a former police officer, conflict expert, professional mediator, and negotiator. Tristan gained his experience by actively engaging conflict out on the streets, honing his knowledge and understanding of conflict during hundreds of dangerous encounters with hostile and violent subjects. Tristan is the author of Street Negotiation--How to Resolve Any Conflict Anytime.For FREE Conflict Articles and Products, please visit our website at http://www.

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By: Tristan Loo


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