Leaping in Faith

I still don't think I really understanding what it means to "Let go and let God", "Surrender and trust". I know it is an act of faith, but what do I surrender? What do I let go?.First of all, faith is absolute belief-a deep knowing in your heart beyond a shadow of a doubt what you ask for is yours ALREADY. It is not a WISH.

People often wish for many things. If merely wishing for something worked, we would have all gotten ponies for Christmas as children. It is not about setting goals (although goals are a good thing). Goals and wishes are something that are "outside of you", something "over there" or in the realm of "someday".

When you can internalize your desires and feel them inside your mind and body they become real to you. Although you can't see them in the physical world yet, they are just as real. Think of it like this.

the home you live in or the car you drive. You "own" them inside your mind. They are internalized mentally, emotionally, even physically. You feel the ownership of the things you now have. You KNOW they are real. You can look around the room and describe things you own in detail because you can see them.

They are yours.You have to do the same thing with your desires. They must become REAL inside of your mind and body. You have to describe them in detail as if they are already present.

This is taking ownership of your desires. This is internalizing them. This is practicing faith for things yet unseen.Letting go and letting God is the hard part for most everyone. After creating our desires we want to "force" them into existence.

We start thinking about HOW such a thing could happen or come to us. We want CONTROL. As we begin to think about HOW our desires could come we begin to think in terms of "I have to do this or that." "I need make a million dollars before I can get what I want.

" Suddenly, the overwhelming thought of making a million bucks seems impossible (unless you have already made a million and know that it is possible) We get overwhelmed. We begin to doubt.Letting go, or detachment, from the HOW things will come is "faith in action" It's one thing to SAY you trust God/the Universe to bring you what you desire. It's quite another to REALLY do it. Often we start quizzing God.

"well, HOW are you going to do this God? I don't SEE how it can happen. I demand an answer! Drop a million dollars out of the sky! Then I will believe!" and on and on.Letting go means you don't care HOW or WHEN it happens.

You give it time to grow, just as you would a flower seed you planted yesterday. You don't go digging it up every day to see how it is progressing. You let it be. You have faith in the natural processes of nature.Working with our desires and with God/the Universe is the same.

We must believe that abundance and continued growth is the natural order of things. Our part is to express our desires to God and exercise unwavering faith in the process.Change will start to happen when you start focusing on the good in your life RIGHT NOW and stop focusing on everything that is wrong.

As long as you INSIST on focusing on the "bad" things in your life while TRYING to change to something better, nothing will happen. You can't get to second base with one foot glued to first base.It comes when you finally DECIDE to drop the 2 tons of weight you INSIST on carrying around while, at the same time, TRYING to change. It comes when you stop keeping one foot planted in the past but reaching for something new at the same time. A REAL change will only take place when you drop the weight and take a LEAP OF FAITH with gratitude and you'll find you start to breathe a heck of a lot easier.There comes a time when one may need to stop and do a 180 degree turn to get on the right path and quit trying to "fix" the one they are on.

Years ago, I was going down the same path-that endless loop of WANTING things to be better but stuck in all the "yeah, buts." of life and focusing on how difficult everything was."yeah, but it's so hard", etc.

One day, after lamenting again over my "situation" for the umpteenth time, a friend/mentor/teacher of mine looked me dead in the eye and said: "Michael, go to hell or go to heaven. Just decide. God has as much respect for people who decide to jump feet first into hell as He does for those who jump feet first into heaven. He has NO respect for people who try to live in both.

".To say the least, that jolted me into reality and I saw what I was doing to myself-running in circles and going nowhere.We often stay stuck "in hell" because hell is so familiar to us. Leaping into heaven requires faith, courage and commitment. But once we absolutely decide (commit) then a whole new world (heaven) opens before us.Starting out on a journey of change like this, at first, can seem daunting and very overwhelming.

I suggest you take it one step at a time and work at a pace that is comfortable for you (although making changes in core beliefs can feel uncomfortable at first. After all, you have lived with them all your life).Start by simply examining what you REALLY believe about yourself, people and the world. As you go through your daily work/routine notice your instant thoughts and emotions about yourself, people and things. For example, what are your INSTANT thoughts and emotions when you see people who are doing very well financially or when you think about someone you know (or know of) in your area that is very rich. Your instant thoughts and emotions about rich people will tell you what you REALLY believe about wealth and money!.

If your instant thoughts/emotions about rich people are negative (resentment, envy, irritation, etc) just make note of it. Don't deny your thoughts/feelings with "positive thinking" Understand these thoughts/emotions are simply manifestations of your subconscious beliefs, most likely from childhood. Observing your instant emotions like this will give you insight to what you REALLY believe. Once you identify what you believe you can work to change it.Take it easy and work at your own pace. Changing core beliefs can take time but, in the end, it is not hard work, it's a liberation.

Stay the course. Remember always that the best in life is your birthright as a child of God and you owe it to yourself, your family and the whole world to make the most of yourself.

.About the Author.Michael Morton is an entreprenuer and has created a number of succesful businesses over the last 25 years, including a nationwide photography operation, each started with no money. He is a student of metaphyscial thought and has experienced first hand its power to manifest one's true desires.

He is currently writing a book soon to be released: "How to Be COOL in an Uptight World" You may contact him at: mmorton1@carolina.rr.com.

By: Michael Morton


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