Kyoto Treaty Global Warming and China Contributions to CO

Many nations are upset that the United States of America would not sign the Kyoto Treaty. But if you consider all the facts there is no sense in the United States tying its industrial mighty hands behind its back in international trade issues, manufacturing sectors or level free market competitive playing fields.If the World wants to talk about Global Warming and environmental; then I say you talk to China or stop wasting my time. If the Global Capitalists want to get maximum ROI on their massive investments there, I say fine but either we talk about a level playing field and Global Competition on human rights, worker rights, environmental standards and heck you want to talk we can talk at Yale too? I don't care where we talk, but lip service, well lets just say it ain't on the Agenda any longer.Yes as Motley Fools say "There are Rule Breakers and Rule Makers" so China time to join the big boys where we do play by the rules.

There is no reason China cannot continue to kick ass under the proper set of rules. But they are in environmental crisis and they need to take action not build their second Homecoming of their Ancient Treasure Fleet.Sometimes I think China needs me to go run things and then I figure they have a lot of very smart people in the world to choose from, but it is readily apparent that they are looking for short-term gains against the backdrop of 10,000 years of written recorded history of long-term strategic thinking. I find all this to be a contradiction and a bit of hypocrisy that will bite them in the ass if they are not careful.

Unfortunately when a ship that big starts taking on water it affects the entire world's "Beach Ball".http://worldthinktank.net/wttbbs/index.php?
s=aca7516b0b90e7061f4eb62522b57a8b&showtopic=150&st=0&#entry173.Maybe the whole world needs to rethink the level playing field rules over again and then we can sit down and talk about Global Warming, CO2 emissions and the Kyoto Treaty or a more reasonable version of it.

So let's all consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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