Keeping Old Mementos from Past Relationships

If you're like most people, at one time or another you have probably held onto something that symbolizes time together with someone you cared for even when the relationship was over. Keeping it could have served as a reminder to you of the relationship lost as a way to punish yourself or perhaps it was with the hope that you would get back together and rekindle your love. Whatever the reason, it can be helpful to know what you don't know about letting go.

Anything that they gave to you or somehow represents the time you shared together and that you have given meaning to are all potential culprits to set you up for holding on. These mementos can include old love letters or cards they gave to you, pictures, movie ticket stubs from a movie you saw together, or any one of a million possibilities that physically gives you something to put in your hands and look at any time you wish to.To justify their taking up space in your home and in your life even after knowing there was no hope of the two of you ever getting back together, you may have simply convinced yourself that you're just a hopeless romantic as to why you have held onto such things. If you are among those who are still holding onto anything from a past relationship, it is important to take inventory and figure out just how many of them you still have and from how many past relationships. This will give you a clear picture of how you might be holding onto your past.

And, if you're holding onto the past this way, you're probably doing it in other ways as well.As you may or may not already know, these objects actually maintain a connection to these people for as long as you are willing to hold onto them. They are physical representations of the attachment that still exists between you and them. The reason it is important to become aware of this is that as long as you still have these energetic connections to people from your past, whether you know it or not, you can never truly commit to a future relationship because a part of you is still wrapped up in your past with someone you're no longer even with.Now is as good a time as any to free yourself from your past and let go of those old attachments.

It is highly recommended that you get all these things together and either burn them or throw them in the trash. Whichever way you choose to let go of this part of your past, do so with ceremony. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Just saying a few words that represent your conscious awareness of letting go can suffice.Like the phoenix that rises out of the ashes renewed and ever more powerful, you will regain and recapture all of the energy that you have unknowingly left scattered throughout your past. Releasing your old attachments can feel absolutely wonderful and it might surprise you how great you feel once you've done it. Finally, after you finished clearing away these old items, make sure you somehow celebrate the reclaiming of your complete self knowing that you are now truly free to commit to a relationship with the love of your life in the near future.Warmest Regards,
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By: Lisa Stuart


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