Irans Military Bluffing Themselves Into A War

Iran has stated recently that it has test fired Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles which cannot be seen by radar because they are stealth? Interesting because no one else heard or saw the test either. It was invisible and what a weapon indeed that must be? Very impressive test from the Iranian Propaganda Division.Now Iran's military purports a claim to have fired an underwater missile capable of cruising completely underwater at four miles per minute to destroy enemy submarines and warships. Like the ones the United States has, the submarines which no one in the world knows where they are and have the fire power of the World's third largest military, in one submarine.Even if Iran did have this capability, how can they hit something that they cannot see? Additionally there were no weapon sales to Iran with this capability and only the Russian Shkval has that capability and even so is highly unreliable and often exploded in tests? Not sure I would rely on that noise to save me in wartime.But of course the plot thickens along with the rhetoric as General Ali Fadavi, who is the head of the Iranian Navy of the elite Revolutionary Guards claims it is Iranian made? Oh really now? Interesting.

It seems as though Iran does have some military capability to blow Israel off the map using Russian and Chinese bought technology, but they truly show their true colors as they make innuendo and international terrorist threats to the free world? What do you think ought to be done about this behavior and abuse of power?.

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By: Lance Winslow


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