Illegal Immigration and Economic Enslavement Recipe for Collapse

Some think the illegal immigration issue is no big thing and say that we need cheap labor. But is that really a good scenario? Does that make long-term sense? If you only look at it from an economic standpoint one might say well perhaps, but Rome fell in a slave revolt while upper classes frolicked in the streets without regard.We must protect all we are and all we have built.

Exploitation is bad obviously and history has shown that every civilization which has crossed that line too far has paid. Remember our own civil war? We must protect the flows of our civilization. We must maintain the system. Add to the system as we can afford too without over taxing the system to "Collapse" [good book BTW] right?.We need to therefore rectify this growing crisis, ignoring it in ignorance or indifference now will mean our offspring pay later.

Now don't call me an O'Reilly Fox Listener, seriously hear me out on this and to such snide remarks I admit O'Reilly is an interesting hardliner, but also cuts off all guests before we can listen and calls that fair and balanced? Doubtful in hindsight it is anything but. Sure I fall onto the Ayn Rand side of things, but that does not mean I do not understand how nations really work or why they work.We have some issues, which need to be addressed indeed. So lets do it. But apparently our podium pushers are running away on vacation, hoping not to split votes over the divide and live to fight another day? But in this case is that really the better part valor and who is served? No one.

Here are some thoughts;.1.) lets not exploit people there is a real cost in doing that.2.) the powers that be must get what they want or they will take it anyway (human nature).

3.) the system is broken and it is impossible with bottlenecks for worthy folks to easily immigrate, in a land formed thru immigration. But Barbara Jordan told us this how long ago now?.4.

) we need to know who is in our country and why.5.) borders must be secure, we are at war (different debate-no comment required).6.) we are all one and should not forget that, protesting with Mexican flags, dividing over red and blue colors (like crypts and bloods) is really counter productive.

7.) we must maintain our civilization at all costs no matter what.Perhaps some of what I have said here today will make you think, as I am not out to change your mind, we cannot allow illegal immigration, but there are also more issues to be addressed and the solution must be fair for all concerned or it will not work. So consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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