Hydro Electricity and Drought Considerations

When we talk about energy we should never forget to mention such things as Hydro-Electric energy, which at one point in the last decade accounted for almost 22% of our energy resources. Hydro-electric generation really makes sense as the water keeps flowing in an unending cycle as rain fall brings it in and then it attempts to go back to the sea or into a lake.One thing that not a lot of people consider is that during drought years there is less water to go through hydro-electric generations stations and this causes a great demand for energy on other generation stations which use coal, nuclear or some other form to make the energy. One consideration, which luckily is not an issue this year is the Colorado River and the water usage to three states post Hoover Dam. As the water flows down toward Mexico it is used to generate electric energy, but in years of severe drought we cannot allow the water to flow out of Lake Meade, NV as fast as we wish to generate the power we need.We see this year out west that there has been good snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range although that snow will melt too early and could flood some of California as it breaks out over spill ways rather than being able to be used for generating electricity, as the snow pack is 160% of normal.

Along the Columbia River there are always issues with cycles of drought years and wet years and all this plays a factor on how much energy can be generated using hydro-electric power, but one thing is for sure and that is hydro-electric power makes sense for so many reasons. Consider all this in 2006.

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