How to Write a Sizzling Personal Profile

Your profile is the first and perhaps the most important online dating tool. It is what makes prospects decide to contact you (or not to). Follow these tips to create a sizzling personal profile that stands out from the crowd.

1. First make a rough draft of your profile on a piece of paper or a word processing document like Word, WordPad, or WordPerfect etc. Write everything on this draft.

Don't worry about length just yet.

2. Your user name is a representation of who you really are. It should anonymous but descriptive. If you are seeking a serious relationship, avoid suggestive names like "hotpants21" or "2hotnsexy".

Also, avoid the trite and overused like "prince charming" or "Betty1625".

3. When picking a user name, it might help to zero in on an interest, activity or personality (examples, "friendly-n-affectionate", "cutesmile" etc.). Be original.

4. Know thyself. Ask your friends what they like about you or what sets you apart.

What makes you good company? What are your most wonderful attributes? What is it like to be with you? Put it all down on your draft.

5. A photo is important. Surveys by dating sites indicate that you are 10 times more likely to be contacted if you have a picture in your profile. Post a good, decent photo. Just don't use a photo that no longer represents your present appearance: this irks online daters.

6. Be honest. Don't lie about your age (quite common online), appearance, education level etc.

Be yourself and show them who really are.

7. Use a good headline.

Make it positive, warm, open and descriptive. Avoid clichés and overused phrases. Your headline should say something about you (example, "Cute lady loves outdoor life").

8. Be positive; avoid talking about your failed relationships or bad past experiences.


Say what you want. If you are seeking a serious relationship, or want to have kids with the right person in the future, say it. This will help draw compatible prospects.


Edit. It's time to cut the clutter or anything that's not important. People are busy, so try to make it short and sweet. Check your spelling and grammar, and refine your personal profile before finally submitting.

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