How to Do More Have More and Be More

Not enough time, money or happiness?.Do you seem to be forever busy, racing around, keeping up, chasing after opportunities, money and elusive people and yet are still not getting what you want? Is there a distinctive feeling that something is missing, something you really want but can't seem to get?.If this sounds at all familiar to you, then welcome to the club! You're not alone ? doctors waiting rooms, counsellors couches and sadly even hospital beds are full of those who have overdone the 'doing' to the point of total burnout.So what do you do if you are putting in all the effort you possibly can, but still haven't got where you think you want to go?.Be prepared for an answer you may not like; - the trick to having more, doing more and being more is simply - doing less.

Slow down, chill out, put your feet up, do nothing and wait for things to happen. Wait for life to come to you ? I'm serious, I know!.I'm one of those people who have to be reminded from time to time not to take myself and my life plan too seriously, to cool down my urge for working hard and efforting harder and warm up my passion for simply 'being'.

You see, when you're labouring so furiously and doing so much you're in danger of losing your playfulness. You're missing out on the joy of the journey, because you're focusing only on the getting there.Once you let go, stop, slow down, do nothing ? at least for a while and on a regular basis ? something amazing happens; you come alive. Not only do your five senses allow you to experience reality with so much more depth and intensity, but your intuition, your perception of the intricacies of life, your sense of joy all awaken.

That's when you have more, are able to do more and will simply BE more.Give yourself some special time off and you'll be amazed that you won't miss out on success or achievement. On the contrary; you'll enjoy a connection to your mission that was lost in the race. You'll suddenly find that people relate to you differently. Ideas, inspiration and energy simply come to you, ready to be transformed into a new, more delightful reality.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer said ? 'if we were meant to be doing stuff all the time, we'd be called human doings'. As it is, occasionally just 'being' gives us all the fuel and motivation we need for inspired doing and being who we really are.

.Annett Tate helps people relax and de-stress through her "Subtle Energy" seminars and coaching. Her website is a treasure trove of information on stress management, relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, and much more.


By: Annett Tate


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