How To Be A Fabulous Flirter

For some people it just comes naturally, that tilt of the head and bat of the eye. But for those of us without natural flirting talent, many skills of the fabulous flirter can be learned, too. Practice these moves to hone your flirting skills.First, remember most people are looking at your face. That means things like eye contact and a broad smile is important for fabulous flirting. If you're having a genuinely good time, it'll show in the sparkle in your eyes.

Next, be aware of your body language. Crossed arms and hunched shoulders always say "stay away." Keep your arms open or resting lightly on your knees.

Lean forward to show interest. Looking disinterested or unenthusiastic will only bore everyone else.Touch is an important part of non-verbal communication, too.

Most fabulous flirters use their hands to gently touch other folks. Do it when it's most natural, such as when you're laughing at a joke or making a suggestive comment. But don't let your hand linger too long, either! Just a gentle pat or stroke is all you need to get the point across.

The words you choose are also important when you're flirting. Compliment the other person on their physical appearance or their sense of humor when appropriate. Always be truthful in your compliments, since most folks will know when you're lying.Remember: don't overdo it! Fabulous flirters don't lay it on too thick. Instead, a small compliment or gesture every so often will tempt them into wanting more without seeming overwhelming.

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By: Peter Portero


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