Hooking Up Your Friends

It is often fun to play match maker with your friends. You may know an abundance of single people and love to sit back and pair them together to watch a new love grow or drama unfold. While it can be fun to be the one they thank at their wedding, you may also find that you are the first person to blame when something goes wrong. If you do seem to have a knack for fixing people up however, you might want to at least attempt it once in a while.There is nothing worse than seeing your friends unhappy because they have no one to go out with.

Sometimes they may be shy or other times they may just not be able to meet people easily. When you play matchmaker, you can easily help your friends find happiness. When you are fixed up, you are more likely to really try to make it work.

It is less intimidating because when they do go out, they will be able to have a connecting point: YOU!.So, if you think of one of your single friends every time you see another one of your single friends, why not try to hook them up?.

.Oh is a Bangkok native, studying the effects of arranged marriages on Indian girls. Phil is another person doing humanities research on Asian-Americans.

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By: Oh Srichaphan


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