Get Immediate Relief From Anxiety Disorder And Panic Attacks Using Breathing Techniques

Many of the symptoms we feel during an anxiety or panic attack are very real physical reactions by our body, even though the threat may be more a product of our mind than it is a reality.Throughout my years of learning do conquer my anxiety disorder, I learned that a) there is no instant cure or "quick fix" and b) no single avenue of treatment alone, such as medications, will be an effective, long term solution.One of the single most effective ways of reducing the debilitating physical reactions your body has to a perceived threat (which is partly what an anxiety attack is) is to learn deep breathing techniques.Once you learn to control your breathing, when you feel anxiety attack coming on you'll be able to quickly relax and reduce those feelings.

You'll quickly feel much better, and what a huge step that will be!.Part of what happens when your mind perceives danger is it shortens up your breathing, producing a lot of the choking, panicking, fast heart beats that you feel.It's important for you to use these breathing techniques before or right when you feel anxiety coming on.

However, start practicing any time you get a chance, at least once a day.You'll want to practice slow, steady breathing through your nose. To be sure you're doing this technique well; slowly inhale through your nose, while counting to 6.

Hold your breath for a second or two, then slowly exhale also while counting to 6, hold for a second or two, and repeat.Also try and breathe using your stomach and not your chest. To test this, place your hand on your stomach as you breathe, and you should feel it moving slowly up and down with your inhales and exhales.Now practice this each day, when you're driving to work, or relaxing after work would be great.

Allow yourself to relax while doing this. Start using this technique when you start to feel anxiety coming on, or when you know you'll be heading into a situation that usually causes a problem with your anxiety disorder, even before you start to feel the symptoms come on!.This is just one of the techniques, when combined with a holistic "life" approach to anxiety disorders and panic attacks that can allow you to live anxiety free!.It is possible, it can be done, but you have to do it! Start today!.


Mike has lived with Anxiety all of his life. He has spent many of those years trying many "traditional" treatments and searching for new solutions to living anxiety free. By taking some traditional treatments and also "Going outside the Box" Mike is now living free of fear and living a full life he never thought possible!.

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By: Mike Carlson


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