Generic Viagra and alternatives

The importance of medicine and health care centers is apparently obvious only when we are in bad need of their assistance. We in fact realize the significance of medicines only when we face problems such as erectile dysfunction. This may be a cause of various reasons, but the problem is lack of erection and this makes sexual activity inactive. Both the partners are at a loss and moreover it affects men to a great extent. The start losing confidence and this affects their performance in all the fields.

Owing to the innovation of medicines, today every problem of health has a solution. One such solution is derived to relieve men from erectile dysfunction. Viagra was introduced in 1998 and since the day it has been initiated more than 23 million men have taken the benefit of using it.

The Viagra users vary from young adults to old age people. This is a significant medicine as they derive benefit to their damaged sex life. Viagra has excellent qualities but is expensive. Due to this reason the alternative source gained importance. The alternative was the generic Viagra and similar other generic drugs.

The generic drugs have been approved by the FDA as it has identical components of the brand product and is beneficial to the user as it is available at economical prices. The generic medicines are available at discount and economical prices as they do not incur additional expenses such as patent rights, advertisement and marketing. Generic Viagra became popular but at the same time another similar product launched in the market called Cialis.

This has the same effect as Viagra and is usually cheaper than Viagra. Today, Cialis is available at cheaper rates than its brand name product and it works identically. The price difference allows you to save money and hence is the choice of many men.

Viagra has another alternative called Levitra. This is another novel medicine to cure erectile dysfunction. Though it has not accomplished popularity like other medicines, it is also slowly gaining impetus affirmatively and is a wonderful substitute to Viagra. However, these medicines should not be stopped abruptly, nor should be initiated without any consultation of doctor.

Similarly, in case other medical treatments are going on, the doctor must be well informed. Avoid taking generic Viagra if you are advised not to take by your health care provider as it may cause serious health problems such as heart problems. When you are using nitroglycerin or nitrates in any form as a tablet or ointment form also, avoid taking generic Viagra. Taking this in combination with nitrates may lead to serious interactions. Generic Viagra is very useful in developing the erection.

It helps in the blood flow to the penis to sustain an erection. These medicines are not for children or women. Taking generic Viagra orally one hour before the sexual activity is enough to feel the erection.

It is advisable to take only one medicine a day. In case you are under other medications, then taking this medicine once in three days will be recommended by the doctor. This can be taken with food or on empty stomach. Such medicines should be stored away from light and heat in room temperature to attain the required advantages.

Steven Backer is the author of this article on generic Viagra. Find more information about generic Viagra here.


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