GatesBuffet Foundation Thoughts

The Gates-Buffet Friendship over the years and their cooperation and discussions has obviously blossomed and today we see they are leveraging this friendship to help all of humanity, by giving back to the world and doing so in a way greater than any one in human history. Isn’t it amazing what billionaire philanthropists can do for the world?.Imagine all the over regulation of government and all the attacks that these men have taken on their personal character and yet that personal character is stronger than any man and together even stronger now. After all the name calling that the peanut gallery has given out and they have taken look at them now giving back to the world to the tune of 60 Billion Dollars.

Working on eliminating TB, AIDS and Malaria, amongst only a few of their projects. Can you believe this?.Wow and as a businessman myself and having watched such attacks all I can say is that the government owes these gentleman an apology and a declaration from Congress, Senate and a personal letter of apology from the President of the United States for the way the United States Government has treated them and their companies. Those are just some of my thoughts on the greatest gift in the history of the human species to the whole of humanity by the Bill and Melinda Gates-Warren Buffet Foundation. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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