Friend Finders

All of us have had friends from the past that we lost contact with. Whether it is an old classmate, an old boyfriend or girlfriend or an old neighbor, we all have someone we have lost contact with throughout the years. Perhaps it is because you moved away, or changed schools. One day you decide to look at your old pictures or yearbook, and you remember one long lost friend. You decide that you want to get in contact with them again after years of no communication.If this is you, then you may be asking yourself what's the first step in locating a long lost friend.

Today's advanced information technology will actually make it easy for you to find your friend. There are many websites on the Internet you can go to for help.Some websites specialize in creating a database of all high schools and colleges. These websites organize people in categories of where they graduated from, and what year they graduated in. They are a good place to start when you want to look for former classmates.If you know the general area where your friend may have settled, you may want to try looking them up in the online white pages.

This is an easy way to get a person's phone number and address. All of the websites for finding lost friends requires the user to become a member of that website. Using the white pages may have a higher probability of success in finding your friend.

The only problem with the white pages is the possibility of your friend being unlisted.Today's world is an information-based society, where anything you need can usually be found. If you keep trying, and use the tools in your disposal you will succeed in your task.

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By: Kristy Annely


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