FBI Entrapment Typical and Troubling

The United States of Americas Justice Departments Federal Bureau of Investigation is always trying entrapment techniques and in doing so violating the public trust. But why do they do this?.Well once they spend time and money in an investigation they are under the gun to make an arrest and get a conviction, due to all the money that is spent; taxpayers monies.

This upsets taxpayers when they target people and find nothing.Worse off there is a FBI upper management person who must look good to their superiors in order to advance? Sound familiar and also consider that a District Attorney or Federal Prosecutor is also under the gun to make a conviction. What does all this lead too?.Well it is simple it leads to lies, misdirection and deceit all along the way. It is pathetic and typical and troubling.

During entrapment strategies an FBI person will lead a conversation, which is highly untypical and the target will listen and nod. But in reality probably does not agree with them, nevertheless they will record this.Next the FBI will ask questions like what do you think of this or that? Well the target may say something like; they should be shot.

Yet that in its self is normal conversation if you go to any hair salon or break room of any American Corporation. Are those International Terrorists too?.No, but the FBI works up a conversation and then as soon as they get something like this they go get a search warrant and embellish the story and then put out the information on 8000 news outlets, just prior to the voting of a spending bill to defeat International Terrorists. Well this needs to stop.If they do catch someone or group which is really bad great, they had better protect the American People, but do not publicize it. And they need to stop entrapment.

Because entrapment is not Truth, it is not justice and although it is becoming American Way with the FBI, it needs to be stopped. We need a complete review of our FBI, they certainly cannot be trusted. Consider this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Lance Winslow


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