Exclusivity in Dating Power Tips on How to Go About It

There can be an occasion when you want to take away the woman you are dating from being seen by any other guy. You want her exclusively for yourself and date none other but you. Basically there are two main reasons why a man or a woman takes this decision:.? You feel extreme attraction towards her as she fulfils almost all your needs.? You don't wish some other hunk come and steal her away.

If you ever reach this stage, where you have more or less finalized on your choice of someone in a "long-term" relationship, as she has fulfilled almost all your selection criteria, never ask her to be your exclusive mate. You must let that "exclusivity" be her prerogative under all circumstances. Those below 28 who want to see more of men as they are probably undecided; but above 28 years of age, women normally are pretty sure what they want from their long-term relationships.Irrespective of the age, every woman would like to believe that it is "they" who made the choice of going exclusive and was not pressurized or under any obligation to do what they want to do. If she has never expressed such desires, it means she still harbors some doubts, some apprehensions about you which need to be cleared before she decides on exclusivity.

If you do ask her, you may run the risk of being too pushy or aggressive or give the impression of someone who is desperate. You might also have to take all the "unsaid" things to justify your decision, before even she gets a chance. As a consequence, you will forever wonder what is it that she saw in you? What makes her tick with you?.Don't become exclusive with a woman just because you don't want her seeing other people.Please remember that you should not want her exclusively because you feel possessive about her. Feelings of envy, jealousy and your own inherent insecurity should not come to the forefront, rather, you are also giving up on your own freedom , must be communicated to her.

Finally it is a question of ending your search rather than keeping your choices and windows open.So the whole idea is to ensure that she requests for exclusivity. If the woman is truly interested and does not wish to lose you, she will eventually ask you for exclusivity, if she doesn't, well, she still needs more time.This article may be re-published with appropriate attribution to the author including name and website Copyright.

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By: Joshua Goh


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