Dont Tell Someone You Have a Boring Job

One of the biggest mistakes people make on dates is talking about boring topics that no one wants to hear about. The main thing people talk about is their boring job. Sure, some of the most successful people of the world have notoriously boring jobs. But, a first date is not the time to tell someone all about your boring job. Of course, you shouldn't lie either!.The reason you shouldn't talk about your boring job is because when you start talking about boring things, your date will automatically tune out.

They will think you are defined by your boring job and will likely think you are boring too. Of course, if they have a boring job, you can choose to do nothing but talk about boring jobs all night long.If you do get cornered and your date asks specifically about your job, you can always try to make it sound exciting. The easiest way to do this is to be mysterious about it all. You can do this by revealing only a little bit about your job.

For instance, if you are an accountant you can just tell your date you manage the financial affairs of your company, and leave it as that.

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By: Oh Srichaphan


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