Dating A Friend Should You Or Shouldnt You

You've found the perfect person for you. They're smart, funny, and attractive. You get along great and they're everything you want in a mate. The problem is they're also your close friend.Falling in love with a friend can be tricky business. On one hand, you stand to gain the best partner of your life.

You already know each other's secrets. You already know you're compatible. It only seems natural, and right, to take your relationship to the next level.On the other hand, what if they don't feel the same about you? What if it changed your friendship? It's possible the two of you might try a relationship and then find out that you make a terrible couple, but at that point it's too late to go back to being "just friends.".Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.

But before you decide to tell your friend about your true feelings of love, think about a few things. First, consider whether they are single or not. You certainly don't want to play the home wrecker role. Second, consider whether you will be able to handle their honest feelings.

Lastly, be sure that your desire to be romantically involved with the person means more to you than the friendship. If these questions lead you to still want to date them, then go ahead and take a shot!.


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By: Peter Portero


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