Cuba is Buying Boats But Why

Fidel Castro is busy buying small boats and making arrangements, but for what you ask. It appears that Fidel Castro wants to limit the prison population in Cuba before the hurricane season. One of his objectives is to send the prisoners to the United States of America where they can mix in with our populations and cause havoc and crime.Now some of these people are political prisoners, but most are actual criminals. Do we really want to allow these foreign nationals to become United States citizens as soon as they hit our beaches? It is this a sinister plot to overthrow the United States of America?.

We should not put it passed Castro, after all he is friends with Hugo Chavez the President of Venezuela and the President of Mexico Vincent Fox. We know that Hugo Chavez is trying to undermine the United States of America in our efforts to maintain diplomatic relations with Central America and South America governments.We also know that president of Mexico Vincent Fox is telling his citizens to come to United States to work and send back money to Mexico to their families. This is propelling the Mexican economy to have an incredible growth rate, which is great for Mexico, but the illegal immigration and the number of illegal aliens sneaking over our U.S.

borders is causing quite a stir in our political arena and threatening our economy.Likewise Fidel Castro sending us all his criminals in prisons is very telling about our immigration problems in the United States. Either we need to start sinking all those boats or change our immigration laws so that Cuban nationals do not become automatic citizens simply for making it to U.

S. soil. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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