Christian Living A Letter on Christian Living And Doctrine by Request

In this letter of sorts, we have two parts: Christian Doctrine, and Christian Living, one cannot be separated from the other, lest we want soft boiled eggs:.I was asked by Femi to write something on Christian living, and normally I don't do requests or never have in the past anyhow, but the letter I received was very sincere, and so I will do what I call a quick sketch. I'm not going to quote any bible verses on this, it will come free floating, as perhaps it should be, instead of making this letter, letter perfect, it will be as I see it. For those not seeking to be a Christian, or wanting such information, or wishing only to belittle Christian ways, I suggest you don't read this, it will only antagonize you, not sure why it should, but it will; that said, let me get on with it.

First of all, Christianity is a way of life, it is proclaiming you are or want to be a Christian, so I believe, the Lord said in so many words, if you are ashamed of me on earth, on your way to heaven, don't expect me to smile and say: hello here I am, you should be glad to see me. He is not going to recognize you.The second thing that needs to be cleared up, gotten out of the way is, baptism, it is not the gift of salvation, it is the outward sign of what you did inside, you gave your life to Christ, and in public you are proclaiming such. Thus, if you die unbaptized, you do not go to hell, for it is in your heart, and between you and the Lord, Christ if you have accepted him as your lord and savior that is: it is really saying in a way, I want to be a full Christian, but perhaps I am still uninformed of its ways.

It is by faith, and faith alone we are saved, and by our works so we are known.The third thing is the Gospel it is the top and bottom of the iceberg you could say, faith is someplace in-between. When I say that I mean in essence, the Gospel is, in a nutshell: who Christ is, and what he did. If you know these two simple things and believe in them, you have the Gospel in your pocket. Some folks say the Gospels contradict themselves.

If they do, and I do not want to get into comparing them (I've read them a number of times) the main premise holds true?they all proclaim the Gospel: who Christ was (he was the essence of God, the arm of the Trinity, he was pure, and he had lived since time immortal, with the Father, and Holy Spirit. What did or do: he came to earth as a sacrifice for our sins, so we could bypass the hammer of God. Nothing dirty can remain in heaven, that is why he came, so we would be cleansed by faith, not by works. The other element here we need to clear up is works: it is important to do the work of God, but it will never get you into his grace, or heaven.

It is by faith. Why is this, you may ask?.Good question. There was a reason God gave Moses the Ten Commandments; it was not to show the people his artwork it was to show us, we could not keep the commandments: I've tried I can't. Thus, we need Him, and that is what it is all about. His grace is in faith, because the commandments we will never keep, we are humans: in the old days, the sinner would kill a sheep, blood-sacrifice, was the purifier of sins, can you imagine how many sheep we'd have to kill nowadays, we'd be so busy raising sheep we'd not make it to work in the morning.

So we cleared up all this stuff about getting to be a Christian, and not a word on 'Living,' but we still have two more things in the way, it is called the unpardonable sin (and abortion). This has haunted man for 2000-years; even Judas had a hard time with this. But it is simple it is in Mark 3:28-29. If you do not believe in Christ, in the Trinity, sin against the Holy Sprit by denying him, this is unpardonable if you were to die under this umbrella. Don't let your blood run cold here, Christ is not an iceberg, but this is a serious matter.

It is also mentioned in Luke 12:10 and Matthew 12:31-32. I know I said I'd not quote verse, but this needs to be quoted. To those who are considering shamelessly defying God, or trying to tiptoe around his mercy, read Proverbs 1:24? he says in essence: when I give you wisdom and call you to me, and you come to me, and turn about and mock me, the day will come when you will call on me, and I will not answer. So if you are not a Christian, you perhaps do not fall into this category, but if the Lord is calling you and you mock him, I'd think twice.

Abortion is a right, they say in America, and a playful thing in Europe, and must in China, and everywhere else it is on trial. Most of the girls, women, ladies, I've talked to in prison, or elsewhere who have had an abortion, have a few things in common: they all wish they wouldn't have had it; and they all wonder where the babies are, and they all want to know if it is the unpardonable sin. First, it is not the unpardonable sin. Second, the child has ?at an infant's age?no formal reasoning, thus, it cannot be judged to have sinned. This does not contradict the doctrine that all are born with sin?he may be born with it, but he himself has not knowingly sinned. It merely puts it into its natural hebetate.

It is like the man said when the other man's sheep fell into the well: the ridiculer said to the owner of the animal: it is Sunday, you can't go down into the well and get your property until Monday, for it is forbidden to work on Sunday. And the man said: is it not that?Sunday?is made for man, not man for Sunday. Thus, he was saying it is a day of rest, as God would have man do, but don't be a fool. So, although abortion is against God's will, but it is not unforgivable.

King David's child died, and said: I'll see you in heaven. And God said: David his after my heart.Christian Living.So how does a Christian live, what are the Christian ways? It is not by bread alone. How about dating? I've told a young couple once to date for a few years then get married, if that is what they intend to do (for young couples time is needed to sort out things). On the other hand, I've told folks that were more mature, whose loved ones, spouses may have died, to marry within six months, so they don't burn with lust.

They usually?after 30-years old know what they want; and even older, see things differently, and should marry early; so I believe.Going to a Christian church is for fellowship, and learning. It is not a sin not to, but it can help your growth. It is like being a writer, how can you write, without having first been a reader, and once a writer, you surely can't stop reading. So it kind of goes hand in hand.Can a Baptist marry a Catholic? I did, and it works.

Christianity to me is like Peruvian food, they have a lot of different dishes, but it is all Peruvian food, as long as they got the Gospel right.Should you marry a none Christian? It would be a hard life if you did, I mean you are choosing to live a hard life; and most people think you can persuade the other to come to your side, or way of thinking. People usually are not persuaded in such ways, they may say they are but really are not. Let me just say, it will be a hard life.War. Is it proper to be a Christian and go fight a war? Someone once told me Jesus was a pacifist, and avoid war.

Actually, I think Jesus came down the first time to show us something, and he was the rebel of the day, in the middle of the war, because when He left, the world was never the same, and when he comes back, it says in the Book of Revelation, He will be on a white horse, and a sword in his hand. That is no pacifist. But for war now, let me put it this way: America helped Europe out of so many conflicts, or wars: Bosnia, and WWI, and WWII, and all over the world America has shed blood, Christian Blood.

It is hard to count how many Christian lives gave up their existence for them. Who benefited? The problem with Europe is, they only want America to fight their battles when they point their fingers; and when they don't, then were the bad Christians who love war.America has sinned in many ways, in war and every other thing, but perhaps not half as bad as the rest of the world. It is like this, Jesus had said in so many words, there will always be the poor, and I say, there will always be the wars, and the Bible says, in the later days, there will be many of them.

If we stop fighting them, it will not stop the killing, only allow the killers to kill at will, with no restraint. It is a hard question to answer, and each person has to dig deep in his heart to find what Christ would have you do. I went to Vietnam, I was not a Christian then, but I did believe in fighting Communism, perhaps I should have believe more in counting who was dying, and made my decision.In the family, the parents should not provoke the children, and the children should honor and obey the parents, this is a serious thing should the children not, they will not be blessed; I told my children this once, and that I did not want them not blessed, this stuck in their heads all their lives.

If you have a bad relationship with your father or mother: fix it if you can, or step away from it, but do not dishonor them, it is only wise not to, lest you want the blessing taken from you. And it is the parent's job to straighten them out when they are young. It is sad to see so many laws nowadays forbidding this and that in the way of trying to raise and straighten your own kids out. I think a good kick in the ass is good for them, it will insure the future will not have to spend its hard earned tax money on baby-sitting grown up kids.

In a marriage, the wife should honor the husband as she would Christ, and the husband honor the wife as he would the Church. The Husband should serve his wife; make her the best person he can. An example might be, if he can afford piano lesions, that will help her in become a better person, do it. If going to church helps her, let her go, don't stop her.

He is not king of the castle, Jesus is; he is although the head of the family when and only when he needs to be (and I don't mean dictator); but that only means more responsibility. In Heaven we are equal, and so we are on earth, only we have separate jobs. If a decision cannot be made between a husband and a wife, it is the duty of the husband to make the wisest decision. My wife is an accountant, I do not try to overlook that I use her abilities to help me.

Her job description under the bible is to be my help.I suppose I could go on and on, but this is what comes to me at the moment, I hope I answered my friends question.6/23/2006 (Dlsiluk).

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By: Dennis Siluk


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