China and India Increase CO By Almost

Many are not aware of the increases from China and India in their contribution to the CO2 and pollution. In the decade between 1992 to 2002 their greenhouse gas emissions were up by 15% alone. But sense 2002 they are up another 10% and many criminologists are concerned. Several research projects now confirm this.

What is most interesting is that these nations are now going what we already went thru previously and they are not learning from our mistakes or doing anything to correct the problem.Large emerging nations have a great opportunity in the present period to start from scratch using the latest and greatest clean technologies in which to build the flows of their civilizations. However oil, coal and the standard fuels are just too abundant and so much less inexpensive to start out with and build the infrastructure for to resist. This is indeed a scary thought, because China and India are hardly the last nations to be emerging into First World Status in this century. Or are they.

You see many Global Warming Advocates warn if we do not seek to control these emissions around the world there will be utter chaos, super storms and other issues to deal with in the future and thus the human race may never get to the future where no child starves in a third world nation and people no longer live on less than one gallon a day of water and one dollar a day for food. Consider this dilemma in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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