Bad Hair Day Beryl Coming Our Way

Well just when you thought you had figured out your perfect hairstyle, Mother Nature has decided she has other plans. Namely Hurricane Beryl, which plans to botch your beautiful hairdo. Yes indeed a bad hair day is definitely on its way. And it would have been bad enough as a Tropical Depression or a Tropical Storm but not big bad Beryl is causing some to batten down the boardrooms as businesses and boutiques board up.If and when Tropical Storm Beryl becomes a full-fledged Hurricane you can be sure she will brazenly botch your bodacious Bahamas blend summer hairstyle. Yes indeed a bad hair day is coming your way.

Some shock jocks and non-politically correct weather people are already calling Beryl the bitch from Hell and with ocean surface temperatures heating up, that is exactly what she is about.The Miami Tropical Hurricane Season is keeping an eye on Beryl and indeed has dispatched the Hurricane Hunters. Meanwhile the NOAA and NASA satellites are also keeping a careful watch on the intensity of Beryl as her eye wall builds in strength and speed. There is a possibility that Hurricane Barly could reach a Category three or four by landfall and thus make it one of the worst storms this season, depending on where she hits. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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