Are You Gaining Energy Or Losing It

Sometimes I crave simplicity, and I find facile explanations fun and intriguing.For example, if you delve into physics, you'll find the idea that everything boils down to a "matter" of energy.Energy isn't destroyed, they say; it's merely transformed.

I think it's revealing to perform a personal energy audit during a twenty-four hour cycle, to see how your energy is created, enhanced, stored, dissipated, and deliberately spent.A basic question to ask at any given moment is "Am I gaining energy right now, or losing it?".I lose energy watching conventional, commercial television, and sadly much of what used to be called "public" television, also falls into this category, nowadays. The commercials, with their intrusive, attention seizing formulas, wear me out, and for this reason, I watch about five shows a year.I gain energy by creating, by writing and by doing strategic planning.

So, instead of watching TV at night, I'll compose something, or think through a goal that I've set.People can add to our energy or dissipate it, as well.For instance, have you ever just clicked with somebody else? You see eye to eye, or you make each other laugh?.I used to sit in the cubicle next to a comedian, and every day was hilarious, as he would do his celebrity impressions.

He gave me energy.Other people can sap our strength as quickly as air escapes from a punctured balloon.If you make a point of increasing your energy awareness, you can detect your reactions and take better charge of your life, choosing certain influences, activities, while avoiding others.Try it, and see how you do, and most important, how you feel!.

.Dr. Gary S. Goodman, President of Customersatisfaction.

com, is a popular keynote speaker, management consultant, and seminar leader and the best-selling author of 12 books, including Reach Out & Sell Someone®, You Can Sell Anything By Telephone! and Monitoring, Measuring & Managing Customer Service, and the audio program, "The Law of Large Numbers: How To Make Success Inevitable," published by Nightingale-Conant. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, worldwide. A Ph.D. from USC's Annenberg School, a Loyola lawyer, and an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University, Gary offers programs through UCLA Extension and numerous universities, trade associations, and other organizations in the United States and abroad.

He holds the rank of Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. He is headquartered in Glendale, California, and he can be reached at (818) 243-7338 or at: gary@customersatisfaction.com.

By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman


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